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Have You Considered Management Coaching - For You?


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Today, there is so much managers need to know in business. You have to manage a constant flow of industry information each day. Besides being an expert in your business function, you have to manage your employees so they perform at high levels. You are responsible for the profit and loss of your department.

Can you do it alone? No, you need three separate support systems in order for you to be successful in your management role:

- Your employees
- Your manager
- Your Coach

Maybe you are one of those fortunate individuals, who has a great manager. . . one who provides strong business direction and continues to acknowledge and help you build your strengths.

Or. . . is your manager challenging and demanding and isn't interested in you as a person, but rather as a means to move the business along. Whichever manager scenario you work with, you need additional support to continue to grow within your current position and further develop your career.

Coaching is the third component in developing strong management skills.

You work with your coach to create individualized goals. The role of the coach is to keep you focused and accountable to those goals. In order to maximize your coaching sessions, you will need to come with an open mind. A coach will provide specific feedback that will help you change and integrate your performance level.

Executive coaching has been around for a while now. . .because executives see the value in continuous development of their skills in their current roles. They focus on their current responsibilities and work with an outside skilled coach to further increase the value they can offer to the business.

Coaching is all about you. Your one-on-one sessions with your coach will help sharpen your skills and abilities to perform at higher levels.

=>When can coaching be beneficial?

-If you are a new manager and you want to build a strong foundation of management skills.

-Do you feel you are lacking a particular skill (i. e. presentation, writing, managing, building teams) you can work with a knowledgeable individual to help you build those skills.

-Chronic problems with the business or employees and you need a fresh approach to a solution.

-You want to go from “here to there" in your career and having a coach will help you develop a plan and keep you on track.

-Need to change your management style in order to be effective in motivating your staff.

-You need to sort out something. . . need a sounding board. . . to help you organize your thinking.

-When you have a limited working relationship with your manager and still need business guidance. You need to learn how to manage up. . . your manager.

You know when something is not working for you or if you are ready to move forward in your career. Be wise and use all of the tools available for your personal and professional growth. Coaching is a strong tool!

Copyright (c) 2008 Pat Brill

Pat Brill is the author of the blog “Managing Employees" can reach her at


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