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Influencer - The Power to Change Anything - A Book Review

Cindy King

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Influencer: The Power To Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson - Joseph Grenny - David Maxfield - Ron McMillian & Al Switzler , is dedicated to scholars and practitioners that have made each of us a powerful agent of change.

Influencer is an easy read that uses a variety of examples; medical, kids, health, professional and more. The wide variety of examples make it easy to understand how each person can be a positive part of the change process. The different type of examples also makes it easy to understand that this can be used in my life, or my business. No matter what your circumstances are and no matter what business you are in.

The Book is divided into 2 parts. The first section is:

The Power To Change Anything.
This section gives the general examples that are used through the rest of the book. Examples in which the authors were active participants and other examples that that are easily referenced in the rest of the book.

Make Change Inevitable,
The second section breaks influence into motivation and ability domains, and these 2 domains are further subdivided into personal, social and structural sources. The range of influence in the six sources are the main content of Influencer.

When trying to influence change, the authors say that if you don't deal with personal motivation your influence will fail. People need training to enhance their personal ability. If you don't enlist help of others you will be missing the key factor of social ability.

If people involved in the issues that you want to change don't include others to help, you will be missing the factor of social ability. Unless circumstances change you have a serious problem with social motivation.

If you try to move forward without addressing structured motivation your influence won't reach far and if you don't work on structural ability you are also likely to fail.

Failing to include one resource and you are likely to fail.

Read the section with a particular issue in mind, then design your own six-source influence strategy. Done properly you will resolve issues that have stumped others, possibly for years.

Once you have read Influencer you will be in position to put it all together and make positive change inevitable.

To Make Change Inevitable you need more than speeches. People that are going to change, need to improve their skills. People that are going to change need to improve their skills. Once trained, people need to know that they didn't learn “just because" but that they are being given the chance to become the person that they want to be. This is personal ability and personal motivation.

Training needs to be taught to existing teams. The training is best lead by the present supervisors. Opinion leaders need to be found in the group that needs change and they have to be convinced that the change is required, and a good thing. These opinion leaders need to lead the change. This is social ability and social motivation.

People in position of authority have to master the behaviors that are changing and be willing to support the change. Environment changes will be required, and these changes must be implemented. This is structural ability and structural motivation.

Influences rarely work alone and major problems require a community of influencers working together. Working with others brings more aspects of influence to the problem and the combined sum of these influences is greater than the combined sum of the individuals as parts.

Influencer is a great read for anyone serious about managing a change and once you learn what causes a behavior and how to influence the behavior you will have the power to change anything.

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Cindy King is a Cross-Cultural eMarketer & International Sales Specialist, aligning businesses with different cultures. She has over 25 years field experience in international business development.


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