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Slow and steady used to win the races in past, but rarely a remarkable success story in modern world of deadly competitions. Now they can’t rule, can’t achieve, can’t make things happen. Mostly they are pushed aside mercilessly by those vigorous gentlemen who are always ready to jump forward and hit the target. A bitter truth to swallow. But there is no other way to super success now-a-days.


You have entered a new world. It is a world of speed and manipulations. Speedier communication, speedier transport, speedier construction – speed everywhere. If you want to walk to your goal it will be ages before you reach there. Bill Gates the richest person of the world wrote a book named ‘Business at the speed of Thought’. Now some people want to move ahead at the speed of thought. Gates has earned his billions at the fastest speed ever known.

No speed in the world has been able to match the speed of thought. Therefore sit in your study room or office and think how you can do a certain task efficiently and at maximum speed. Going fast in life is also a matter of practice. You can’t start running fast immediately or can’t race a car at the speed of 100 per km on the very first day of learning. The result will definitely be disastrous. To gain mastery over speed definitely needs time. And sacrificing efficiency for the sake of speed also proves counter-productive. You may stumble down any time. Work efficiently and gain mastery over speed with an attitude of tolerance and diligence – your first lesson for super success.


In real life whenever you try to gain speed you come across with speed breakers and blocks. On the way to progress sometimes the blocks are so massive that it is very difficult to cross over. You can hit them blindly and bruise yourself. And most of the times you can’t remove them yourself. Here you need the help of others. It means you must maintain contacts with those powerful persons who can be useful to you in the time of trouble – your second lesson for super success. When they help you remove the blocks you can speed up and have a big jump forward.


A vagabond wanted to shoot down a flying bird for his breakfast. He was a good and experienced shooter. He took aim and was ready to press the trigger but then he relaxed a little and rubbed his one eye. Bullet roared out of the barrel of his gun but missed the target. Even delay of a second can change the course of the history, make you lose the match. Success researchers have proved that bad timing is the real cause of most of the failure. So be careful to the timing of your action – your third lesson for super success.


Many persons have a hidden tendency of making enemies everywhere. These enemies keep pouncing and putting new hurdles everyday. And when you are fighting constantly you rarely get time for construction or economic development. If you constantly abuse and criticize a person how can you expect him to support you for success? Whenever his time comes he will hit you hard to avenge the insult. So what should an ambitious person do? He should motivate his juniors, praise his pears, respect his seniors and flatter the powerful - your fourth lesson for super success.


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