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Divorce Lawyers Can Also Help With Marital Settlements


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Unfortunately the chances of a married couple splitting up gets higher each year so hiring a divorce lawyer is the next crucial step; some advice on what to look for is below:

  • A Specialist in this area
  • Have the proper demeanor
  • Be consistent in their work

Ideally your divorce attorney should be spending half their time dealing with divorce cases and preferably one who is a good mediator. They will need to be someone in whom you can place your trust and feel comfortable working with so if these criteria cannot be met then you will need to look elsewhere. Adversarial attorneys will use the hammer to crack a walnut approach which often happens when these cases go to court whereas an attorney who specializes in mediation will take a much calmer approach. Your divorce lawyer will be able to help with some aspects but there will be things only you can do so think carefully about what you need explained before you contact them.

Plan each conversation by making an agenda and write down the things you want to talk about; take notes on the content of the conversation and the amount of time spent on phone calls. As all costs relating to law and legal advice are costly, try not to visit them at the office unless absolutely necessary; this can be achieved by using the phone or mail. An attorney does not come cheap so use them only for the purpose you hired them for, legal advice, they are not there as an emotional problem solver, there are other professionals who specialize in that area. Unless you actually want your divorce lawyer to do something about your spouse's behavior or actions, do not use them for general complaints as it is costly and probably won't achieve anything.

The most important aspect for you to get sorted out is the control of the situation which should be yours and then you will be able to use your lawyer more effectively. Your legal representative must be told up front that whilst his or her advice is essential, all decisions regarding the divorce will be made by you. As the person paying for their service, you should expect to be sent copies of any relevant documents and if there are any issues that need to be clarified that a prompt response by them is expected.

If money is an issue, it may be a preferable for you to only contact a lawyer for legal advice on a marital settlement but not representation. For someone taking this route, it is only important that you approach a lawyer to have certain aspects explained once you have carried out you own research. Divorce lawyers can also help with marital settlements as well and do not need to be involved in anything more than this.

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Divorce Lawyers: Article 54 of the Louisiana Civil Code
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