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CEO Lifestyles More Facts About the Exorbitant Lifestyles of Corporate CEOs


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Employees, consumers and shareholders alike are consistently outraged about the luxurious lifestyles of CEOs. While the working class stagnates and declines further into poverty, these corporate elite continue to see significant increases in earnings, perks and incentives. Instead of extra corporate profits being directed towards increased employee wages; increased dividend payments and increased consumer satisfaction, they are directed straight into the pockets of the CEOs.

Here are some more facts about today's CEOs that continue to heat the blood of the working classes:

CEOS are paid about 300 times what the average worker is. On average, a given worker would have to work the equivalent of 10 careers (300 years) to equal the pay that a CEO makes in one year.

The median pay rate for American CEOs is just under $10 million per year. That does not factor in any number of additional bonuses, stock options and numerous other compensatory variables.

George David, CEO of United Technologies Corp, had a base compensation rate of $11.8 million in 2004. He also collected an additional $83.6 million in stock options. Meanwhile, the average American, full-time worker averaged about $670 per week.

In 2004, Lew Frankfort was granted $84 million in stock options from Coach, Inc. The handbag manufacturer also promised him $120 million in new options for the following year.

It's good to remember that when you are making your purchases, that you are directly paying for these CEOs lifestyles. A Coach handbag is a desirable item; however, what is it really worth?

Wouldn't it be great if you could call these CEOs directly on their own telephones and vent to them your frustrations? Now, you can! There is a website that presents the contact information that you need to do it. You are also free to provide contact information for CEOs that are not listed there if you ever wanted to. People are taking the power and rebalancing it in their own favor. They are tired of being disrespected by and not receiving adequate levels of customer care from American companies.

Do any of the following scenarios apply to you regularly?

You call the customer service department of an organization looking for specific answers and are met by a computerized answering system;

You give your personal information to representative after representative only to continue to be transferred to another;

You continue to choose options in hope of “stumbling" across information that you can actually use;

After describing your story numerous times to numerous individuals, you are told that there is no solution available;

You get disconnected completely from the automated system after waiting and waiting for help.

Wouldn't it be great (and liberating) to ring the CEO of the company directly and let him or her know what's on your (and about a million other people's) mind? Of course, it would!

Visit today and see just how simple it is. When we use the power of the Internet to educate ourselves, we can tip the balance of power back to where it should point: towards the people!

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