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Is Buying Used Cell Phones Like Buying a House?


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A lost cell phone is in no way comparable to a lost tooth. Because with missing cell phone, you can get a replacement right away that is real. Except perhaps for the phone “body number, " you can even have that same and exact unit that you lost.

And rightly so, there are lots of good reasons to purchasing a used cell phone. Let's talk about convenience first. Buying a pre owned cell phone will save you from hassles and sickening formalities of signing a contract with cell phone companies. Most of us have tried the situation and there's no prize for the discomforting feeling of having to read again all those pages of warranties and rules simply because you lost your phone. Activating pre owned cell phones only takes just minutes and can be done right at the comfort of your own sofa.

For example: If you are a subscriber to Cingular, T-Mobile, or ATT, simply remove your SIM card from underneath your cell phone battery (in most cases, this is where you will find the SIM), and re-insert it into your newly bought pre owned cell phone, and then the problem's fixed! Yes, you heard it right, there's no need to worry much over losing a phone because the solution is as easy as simply going down to your local cell phone providers’ place of business and asking them for a new SIM card. For Verizon, Metro PCS, and the like, where SIM card is of no use, you only have to dial *611 on your newly acquired pre owned cell phone, and a customer representative from your local phone provider will provision your phone with your existing account over the air.

And then we speak about practicality. The financial hassles of purchasing a new cell phone (indeed, new ones can be very expensive!) is apparently an irrelevant topic considering that you can often have a pre owned cell phone from the neighboring shops. You will economize considerable amount of money with used cell phone rather than if you buy a new one. Plus, the great thing is, pre owned cell phone works just as well. To illustrate my point: A new Blackberry 8700 can go as high as $299, a used Blackberry 8700 can be obtained for only $129. Why dispose that huge amount of money? Buy the savings instead for better-tasting oatmeal!

Well, I have already discussed two huge reasons (convenience and practicality) and they essentially include everything why you should buy a pre owned cell phone, but they are too focused on you and you alone. I have to kick one in that's for the whole community: purchasing used cell phones will do something good for the environment. Cell phones are made up of various toxic chemicals that include lead and mercury. Over time, these harmful chemicals will leak out, and once in the ground, will eventually enter our water system. That only spells a bad future for us, a horrible future for our children. And what's even sadder to realize is that many, if not most of these discarded cell phones, are far from being useless.

We might be at the mercy of our dear dentist if we lost a tooth, but I hope I made it clear here that we should not feel the same way if we lost a cell phone. Now we know what to do and how easy it is to solve the “lost cell phone" problem.

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What to Consider When Buying a House
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