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Can a Power Failure Hurt Your Business?

Eric Gehler

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Most small business owners fail to consider the costs of a massive power failure. It's human nature to think we're impervious to such catastrophes. That being said, power outages are both inevitable and unpredictable. Businesses of all sizes should plan for outages and if possible, be able to implement measures that help manage the operational impact. When a power source fails, a company can sustain heavy losses. Restaurants, data centers, brokerage houses and other businesses can reduce their exposure by investing in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Below, we'll explain 3 potential impacts that your business may be vulnerable to if the power goes out unexpectedly.

Impact #1 - Severe Data Loss

Many businesses consider their proprietary data to be their primary asset. That may include customer accounts, software, or investment data. In each case, a power failure can cause a severe data loss. While many computers and enterprise servers automatically back up data at predefined intervals, there are millions of computers being used in small businesses that don't. They're vulnerable to losing precious data.

Impact #2 - Diminishes Operational Efficiency

If you own a business that requires power to operate computers or machinery, losing your connection to a power source can cause your entire company to shut down temporarily. This can result in significant operational inefficiencies. Even though the problem can be resolved and the power can be restored, some businesses may require a lot of time to catch up and regain their momentum.

Impact #3 - Decreases Worker Productivity

Without electricity, the computers in your office obviously won't work. That can destroy your staff's productivity as they sit around and wait for their computers to regain power. If you have a large number of employees on your staff, their sudden lack of productivity can translate into an immediate cost for your business. After all, employees cost money. And employees who are unable to work and contribute represent a drain on cash flow.

Maintaining A Constant Power Supply

There are thousands of other ways in which a power failure can have a significant impact on a business or organization. For example, air traffic controllers need a continuous connection to a power source to ensure the safety of airline passengers. Cities need back-up generators to ensure traffic lights are in constant operation. Schools need light in order for students to work. In every case, the need for a constant power supply is critical. When a power failure occurs, an uninterruptible power supply can immediately provide a secondary source of electricity while the issue with the primary source is resolved.

That helps avoid severe data loss. It maintains operational efficiency. And it preserves worker productivity. If you haven't planned for the inevitable loss of power for your business, take a few moments to explore how a UPS can provide value and peace of mind.

Power Systems & Controls is the industry standard for Uninterruptible Power Supply and Frequency Converters


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