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Visa Business Credit Card Why You Need One


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When the need for cash arises at the most unexpected time, business credit cards come in handy. Almost all the business entrepreneurs in the market are in the aid of having a business credit card. Let's face it, business credit cards are here to stay.

Among the many business credit card in the market that is out today, Visa cards are widely used and widely popular among the business sector. They operate the world's largest and sophisticated consumer payments processing scheme. With more than 21,000 member financial institutions around the globe, Visa enables banks to offer cards and other payment services that can be used anywhere and whenever. Visa branded cards are offered by most banks, financial institutions, and many major brand names, airlines, hotels, universities, charitable organizations and other types of institutions.

So why do you need Visa?

Visa has played a great role in the development of the business credit card system. From an early beginning, Visa International's history can be traced back to 1958, when Bank of America launched its BankAmericard program in California. Hence, marked the birth of the credit card industry. Later on, Visa International emerged as an economic joint venture with more than 13,000 member financial institutions issuing Visa credit cards and debit cards to their customers.

Visa International provides an organizational umbrella within which member financial institutions have the freedom to structure their own credit card offers to consumers. Over the years, this in-built autonomy has spawned the profusion of Visa card deals costumers enjoy today. With the advent of online approval cards and other online conveniences it has become easier than ever before to apply for a credit card.
Visa has an ample number of cards to decide on in terms of business credit cards. Try Chase Business Rebate Visa Card wherein you'll get cash back of 3% every time you dine out, gas up, purchase office supply, building supply and hardware and home improvement stores. Plus a cash rebate of 1% on all other buys. A bonus to this card is you can issue a credit card to your employees free of charge!

Because of its worldwide acceptance and abundant additional benefits, Visa has an extension of warranty on purchases made with certain types of Visa cards and rental car collision and theft coverage on rental cars paid for with a Visa card (restrictions apply, see your card's terms and conditions). Other benefits include emergency cash disbursement and roadside assistance service. More importantly, card holders today take pleasure in worry-free shopping because of Visa's zero liability policy that is if your card got stolen, you will still owe nothing on any resulting falsified transactions.

Once you have chosen the Visa credit card of your choice, you can apply for your card directly through Visa or through banks, retailers or airlines that offer co-branded Visa credit cards. Or you can complete your business transactions via the Internet or over the phone. There are many co-branded cards that come with incentives, such as discounts on merchandise and services. Get one today!

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The Homeland Visa Prepaid Credit Card Many Options For Todays Consumer
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