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Standby Power Solutions Explained Why Its Important to Your Business

Eric Gehler

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Standby power solutions are used by homeowners, small businesses and large organizations in a wide variety of industries. These solutions are deployed to provide a reliable secondary source of electricity. When a utility's power becomes unavailable, these units can offer a continuous source of electrical current to support the load. There are different solutions for standby power. And they provide a range of features, dependability and output capacities. In this article, we'll take a closer look at a few different standby power solutions. Plus, you'll learn a few ways in which these units are used maintain operations and even save lives.

Common Types Of Standby Power Solutions

Power generators can include those that produce an electrical current from wind, water, solar energy and other methods. While each of these are used in many different industries, businesses and large organizations with critical loads on utility power need a reliable power source. Here are 2 common types of standby power units:

UPS - Uninterruptible power supplies come in various forms (online, offline and line interactive). The underlying principle of UPS's is that they provide a finite source of electrical current in the event of a utility power failure. If a power outage happens, the UPS battery begins supplying the necessary current to the equipment that needs it.

Diesel Generators - Generators that run on diesel fuel can also provide a constant source of power. They can be launched manually when the primary current becomes unavailable. This type of generator uses a compression method to generate heat and power. While a UPS offers a finite source of electrical current, a diesel generator can provide power as long as diesel fuel is available.

For Critical Loads And Applications

There are industries which require continuous power for critical loads. In many cases, both a UPS solution and diesel generator are used together to maintain the load. For example, airport traffic control towers, data centers and companies with large server farms require a dependable secondary source of power. If the main power source suffers an outage, the UPS immediately begins supplying a current from its battery. If the outage of the primary source can't be resolved, a diesel generator may be used as a backup for the UPS.

When Lives Are At Stake

Some industries have need of continuous power because its absence can put lives at risk. For example, nursing homes and hospitals need dependable standby power solutions to keep machines functioning properly. In the event that a power outage can't be resolved quickly, the standby power must be able to delivery the required electrical current indefinitely.

Every business and organization has unique needs to maintain the load that it places on utility power. Even though investing in a standby power solution is expensive, it's often necessary. In some cases, business operations must be maintained. In other cases, sensitive equipment upon which lives depend must function properly without interruption. In any circumstance in which operational consistency is critical, a standby power solution should be available.

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