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LTL Freight Shipping The Right Way


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About two years ago, when you first started your business, you have never even heard of LTL freight shipping. In fact, the acronym LTL seems rather like some kind of foreign language to you. But, now that your business has grown so much, you are looking for ways to deliver your goods to your customers and you are beginning to learn about LTL shipping. Basically, LTL simply means Less-than-truckload, and because your business has grown so much, you can no longer head on over to the post office to send your products to your customers. So you start looking around for LTL freight shipping information and you soon realize that you will get to save quite a bit using LTL freight carriers compared to the conventional ways of sending your products to your customers.

LTL shipping is a great and efficient way to send out your goods to your customers - no matter where they are (even if they are in the most remote areas in the country!). One of the benefits of using LTL freight carriers is that they are able to deliver to remote areas that most of the conventional carriers or FTL freight carriers do not. And the best part of it all - you only pay for the space that you use in any LTL freight carrier. LTL freight shipments are between the range of 100lbs and 20,000lbs and if you have anything to send that is within this range, LTL shipping is the way to go for your business.

If you have consistent shipments going out to the same destination on a weekly basis or even if it is on a daily basis, you can always work with a trusted and reliable LTL freight carrier on having a regular schedule to pick up the goods from you and you do not have to worry about not meeting the datelines of delivery to your customers at all. Should you intend to work with just one LTL freight carrier, be sure to open an account with them and get discounts from them for your shipments. Most LTL freight carriers are able to offer discounts up to 60 per cent - depending on the frequency and quantity of shipments you are able to commit. Remember, the higher the quantity and the greater the frequency of shipments, the better the discounts you are able to enjoy.

LTL shipping also allows you to create bulk shipments by shrink wrapping the smaller boxes together or an alternative way of packing would be to strap them onto a pallet. You are also able to track your shipment via a centralized distribution center until your shipment reaches its final delivery point. You will never ever have sleepless nights wondering if your shipment has been delivered or not because you know where your shipment is at any point of time due to the tracking system that LTL shipping has.

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Know What LTL (Less Than Truckload) Means Before You Start Shipping Motor ..
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