Seeking Grant Proposals for Your Fundraiser

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Seeking Grant Proposals for your Fundraiser

An essential part of fundraising is writing grant proposals and grant applications. An effectively written grant application can result in large sums of money for your fundraising group. Grant applications can be a long and tiresome journey, but in the end it will be worth it for your group! In the following article, we are going to help you understand grants and what they entail.

Grant Applications Broken Down

Most grant applications will include some or more of the following components:

Letters of Reference – letters from those who can testify to your experience and good character. Formal Proposal – a detailed explanation of what the grant money will be used for. A Business Plan – detailing the finer points of your financial needs. A List of Resources – detail the resources you have, and the resources you need. Complete list of Group Members - including both workers and volunteers. Goals and Plans – detail the short and long term goals of your group.

The grant application will list all the material and documents needed for submission. It is vitally important that you follow all the directions exactly as they are stated when filling out the grant application. One mistake could make the difference between getting the grant and getting turned down. Many grant providers reject applications that didn’t take the time to follow the directions when submitting their application. Prior to submitting your grant application have someone in the group proof read it and make sure that all the information is correct and in order. After staring at the same document for days on end, it becomes difficult to notice any mistakes.

Your grant application should stress the importance of your cause and the necessity of the grant. How many people are you expecting to be able to help? How will this project benefit them? The more compelling your application is, the more likely you are to receive the grant money. Most importantly, grant providers want to make sure the money is going to be used wisely and appropriately. To help your cause, make sure you describe your goals and focus in clear detail.

Lastly, take time and fill out your application with precision. Don’t rush through it, or you are bound to make some mistakes. Give yourself enough time to provide all of the financial documents that are requested, and be sure to have someone proofread it prior to submitting! A well-written application will stand out above the rest!

Michelle Pearson is a former fundraising consultant who currently is a writer for the Fundraising Know How Magazine at – a site that specializes in helping fundraising coordinators offering information on candle fundraisers, easy fundraisers, cheerleader fundraisers and more.


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