How to Get Winning Edge in Competition


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It is a time of economic explosion and stiff competition. Many a business house and vendor get trampled under ruthless competitive wars every month. Then every step to revive them back to business proves futile. Getting a winning edge over your competitors is no more an easy task. Even big business emperors never feel satisfied in their pursuit of economic lust and try every weapon in their arsenal to eliminate competition and monopolise the market.


If you want to remain a small fish in the business pond then you can leave everything to fate till you are able to live. But if you want to face sharks and whales of the sea you have to, first, change your thinking. Think big, think progress and plan to swim in a large area. By thinking big for a fairly long time your mental faculties will grow and that will help you develop combating skills and confidence.

One of the most famous psychologists of the world Prof. William James wrote: ‘Action seems to follow feeling, but in reality action and feeling go together, and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling. '

If you think big, start acting confidently, and repeat the process. You will be able to change. Gradually it will give you more energy and confidence to face the competition.


If you want to gain ability and prominence you must plan to compete with the best in the field. It is a difficult task and you may be lacking in resources. But the big confidence implanted in your mind will help you to get winning edges. History is filled with the examples when small modernised and disciplined armies defeated very large armies. Moreover, you will soon be free from the daily headaches of small competitors emerging all around you. And the big ones don't have enough time to plan to crush down the rising stars like you. They are too busy to fight with the big ones. By using new ideas you may win your battles easily.


What is the secret behind the success of Intel, IBM, HP, Sony, Philips, Samsung, Nokia, Toyata, Tata and scores of other big companies? All of them have drive for excellence. They know well what a customer wants. A customer of modern world is ready to pay a higher price if he gets quality product. Joy and satisfaction of a customer follow only if a product is of good quality. Every satisfied customer proves a stepping stone to the success of a company. Therefore a wise businessman definitely strives for excellence. It is the biggest success mantra in today's cut-throat competitive world.


A brilliant idea made Coca-Cola the king of the cold drinks in America as well as in many other countries. Then a few energetic persons decided to launch a new cola drink that could challenge the mighty Coca-Cola. That was Pepsi. The task was herculean but the team was enthusiastic and determined. It had ideas. The David (Pepsi) had an excellent mixture to compete with the Goliath (Coca-Cola). They decided to think more and more brilliant ideas to use in marketing and advertisement. The path was laid with thorns of obstacles. But the team continued thinking new ideas and ultimately broke the ice. And everybody can see today the magnificent success of Pepsi. If you are unable to think ideas it can be extremely difficult for you to find a winning edge in competition. A lot of ideas are needed everywhere – in manufacturing, marketing, advertising, managing etc. If you find yourself unable to think ideas employ persons who can.


Without adequate advertisement even a financially sound business slowly and surely heads towards elimination. There is so much innovation. New and better products continue flooding the market to confuse the customers. Blazing advertisements of a few compel a customer to forget the remaining. Power of an advertisement is amazing in today's business world. In fact advertisement is the spark plug of a business. Now it is impossible to succeed without it. Your business motor does not run. Business field has become tough and highly competitive. Only a good advertiser succeeds. Advertisers not only supply products according to the demand but they also have power to mould the taste of the public. So advertise immensely and loudly.

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