How Do You Say "Thank You" To Your Corporate Clients?

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Rewarding your Corporate clients

How do you say “thank you" to your corporate clients, how do you reward them for their continued support, and patriotism? There are lots of ways to say thank you. Many people know that taking a client to dinner is a great way to say “thanks". But what if you want to be a little different. You want to make a lasting impression, one that says, “we think so highly of you that we went out of our way to show you" kind of thank you. What is one thing all business people need? What do they long for? When they are traveling far from home, what could brighten their day. Make it a little less lonely.

Let’s think of some great ways to brighten a day, make an impression, and say “thank you" all at the same time. For the lady client: lets think like a woman. Chocolate, not just any, but a high quality, special order chocolate truffle, or chocolate covered toffee, or cherries. These are things that most women will not buy for themselves, but things that they would really love. Chocolate to a women is like a warm cup of milk to some. It is calming, relaxing, and hits their finely tuned taste buds just so. Now, women won’t eat chocolate, or some may not even confess that they love chocolate in front of others, but when alone they will savor every bite. Now, just sending chocolates to a lady client may not be appropriate by itself. We should add some other great things to accompany this.

Most women love tea and coffee. These are great things that go well in a thank you gift. You can give more than that however. How about something to make their traveling days easier and their overnight hotel stays more relaxing. Add some spa products, robes, slippers, towels. These things will be remember not only on that one time “thank you gift" but from time to time as they travel, or are at home. After all working women need just a little more pampering then their male counterparts. They are emotionally charged. Give them something to enjoy!

Okay, so lets look at our male colleagues. Obviously we need to change gears a little and start thinking like a man. What would a man consider “Wow" as a thank you gift. Well, from the many men I have talked to, and have seen when getting gifts, I would have to say Food, Food and more Food. Men are pampered through their stomachs. What better way to say Thank you in an extra special way then to give to him some amazing gourmet foods. Not just your normal sausage and cheese snacks, but how about some special savory nuts, pretzels with different kinds of dipping sauces. Men like spicy as much as they like sweet. Find someone chocolate covered fruits add some coffee gift certificates to Starbucks and even some dinner cards so he can take his significant other out to dinner too. Men love their food, and really anything extra special that they may not buy for themselves will do.

Take into account some of these suggestions and I know your “thank you" gift will stand out from the competitors T-shirt, sports bottle or pen.

Linda Cramer is the Owner of Oregon Gourmet Foods and Gifts. For more ideas or great gifts for your clients, see us at


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