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Body Language - 5 Facial Expression Tips for Reading Client's Faces

Lynda Goldman

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You only have seconds to make a first impression that can make or break a relationship. Since the face is the first thing we notice about a person, it's vital to use your face to make that crucial connection.

Here are 5 facial expression tips to connect and make a fantastic first impression.

1. Eye brow flash: This appears almost universally at the beginning of the greeting phrase, when we shake someone's hand. Without being conscious of it, we rapidly raise and lower our eyebrows as we smile. This shows the person that we are pleased to meet them. When we meet people we already know, we do this to signal that we are happy to see them again.

2. The main role of the face in non-verbal communication is to express emotions. The face communicates many things, from our emotional state at the moment, to how attentive we are to the person we are talking to. A smile tells people we are happy to meet them, and a frown warms them off. A downcast look indicates that we are sad or depressed.

3. Different parts of the face reveal different things. For example, we read fear in people's eyes, and happiness in their cheeks and mouth, as well as in the eyes. We see surprise in the movement of the forehead, eyes and mouth. We perceive anger from the whole face, not just from the brows and color of the face.

4. Facial expressions change constantly. Look for fleeting expressions that appear and vanish. They are often the true indicators of people's feelings.

5. Men and women may use facial expressions differently. Studies show that women tend to smile and laugh more than men, but in some cases this may be because they are feeling uncomfortable.

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From Lynda Goldman, author of How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression


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Reading Body Language Is A Strategic Skill In Business Dealings
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