Gum Removal in Hotels


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Gum removal in hotels is one of the more important tasks set for hotel cleaning crews. This is because the presence of chewing gum pollution in hotels greatly detracts from the comfortable atmosphere of cleanliness and welcome that most hotels strive for. And, because chewing gum is so prevalent in our society, the fact of the matter is that gum removal in hotels will remain something that is very important.

Areas that need active gum removal in hotels:

Nearly every area of most hotels will require some sort of gum removal, as chewing gum soiling is common in all areas where people go. Indeed, gum is chewed quite often in order to freshen breath and even just to give the chewer something to do. Chewing gum removal in hotels is a very necessary part of a hotel cleaning job simply because people will always be bringing the gum into the hotels. Some hotels even have chewing gum machines that dispense the gum in their own hotels, thus continuing to perpetuate the problem.

Of course many of the hotel rooms need gum removal. Not only can gum get under the tables in the rooms, but it can also get in the carpets. This means that carpet cleaning of some sort is needed to get rid of the carpet stains caused by chewing gum. Other places where gum can get is in the bathroom, where it definitely needs to be cleaned up, and also even in the bed. This can be especially annoying if the gum gets into the sheets. Rather than simply washing out in the laundry, gum actually gets onto the other items in the load and can contaminate them, making a bigger mess and possibly ruining other sheets. Gum removal in hotels also involves looking very carefully to ensure that it is found and properly removed.

Another place that warrants gum removal in hotels is the lobby. Most lobbies are beautifully decorated, and the presence of gum can mar this decoration and cause people to feel disgust. If a patron has an encounter with gum, she or he may not return. This means that the hotel could lose money, all because of the presence of chewing gum.

In order to cost effectively remove chewing gum pollution, especially gum removal in hotels, a gum remover is needed that can get rid of the gum without causing a great deal of effort. One of these gum removal systems, one that costs a fraction and is as effective as commercial cleaning machines, is a product called Gum-Out.

Gum-Out, which has been on the market for 20 years, is a major contribution to cleaning technology. The Gum-Out release agent is applied by a special plastic injector, which breaks the bond between the gum wad and the surface in to which it is stuck. A simple trip to gum removal can help you find an easy way to keep a hotel gum-free. Each bottle of Gum-Out if used as directed will remove up to 125 lumps of chewing gum.

J O'Neal guides you through the chewing gum removal process. Learn the facts before you decide which gum removal product to buy. Discover more about cost effective chewing gum removal techniques at: gum removal


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