Business Center: Your Ticket to Success

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Many new business owners find they aren’t prepared for the decisions that have to be made at startup. Are you starting a business with a limited budget? What about your office space? Will you work from home or rent a space somewhere else? What about preparing a business plan and budget?

Many new business owners are using a business concept called a business center to solve the problem. A business center is a service that provides key features of an office such as a business mailing address, phone number, fax and part-time office access. Some services even offer online tools such as web conferencing and document repository. The advantages include low-cost access to these items when you need them and a simple way to receive phone calls and faxes from your clients.

Performing Critical Tasks

With the right features, a business center can handle minor office tasks so you can concentrate on the critical functions of your business. Instead of organizing, cleaning and maintaining a literal office each day, you can spend time promoting and growing your business through networking and advertising. Your clients benefit because you are able to spend more time meeting their needs. Business centers eliminate the tasks of maintaining an entire office, but enable you to use the equipment and space when necessary.

Eliminating Budget Concerns

When you are working with a limited budget, heavy spending for office rent can deplete marketing money quickly. Spending thousands of dollars per year for your office space handicaps your marketing abilities. A business center can provide key services such as phone, fax, mailing addresses and part-time office space for a couple of hundred dollars per month or less, saving you money for meeting other business priorities.

Your Business on the Go

If you normally work from your home or your car, having an office presence without paying high rent will prove beneficial. Some business center services provide conference rooms you can rent for a certain number of hours per month.

This gives you a professional location to meet with clients or business partners on an as needed basis. If you are uneasy about meeting at your home or in public places, a conference room is a wise alternative. Being professional is a crucial factor in growing your business.

Securing Important Contacts

Providing a dependable way for clients to contact you is important. Imagine how you would feel if you were about to spend a large sum of money with a professional and their child answered the phone. Would you still feel comfortable? Probably not. You always want to exude professionalism and a child answering a business phone just doesn’t work.

Using a business center to receive your phone calls, faxes and mail eliminates these risks. You can have clients contact you anytime without using your home phone or address. A good business center service will allow you to forward your voice messages to any phone so you can get messages as they arrive. With online technology, you can even access voice mail over the Web with some services.

Promoting Your Business

The funds saved when using a business center service can be directed toward marketing and promotions. You can save hundreds of dollars each month to use for direct mailings, newspaper advertising, television advertising, joint venture proposals, etc. Your new business will need much exposure to get off the ground. Even if you only use a business center for a short while, it can help tremendously to reduce business start-up costs.

If a business center is feasible for your business, you can benefit tremendously from the monthly savings. You will be able to focus on marketing your business and servicing your clients while your business center takes care of the rest.

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