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Strategies for Self Introduction in an Interview


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The reason why we discuss self-introduction solely is because of no matter what form of interviews, it is must needs a self-introduction at first, as well as your self-introduction in the interview should leave the first impression to the interviewer, first impressions are shown to be very hard to change, so it is obviously that self-introduction is an very important stage of interview.

The duration of self-introduction would roughly about 1 minute to 2 minutes. Because most job seeker would prepare for self-introduction in advance, and should oral presentation in recitation, interviewer often browse your resume within these several minutes, observe the way of your expression, and look at which of your achievements are you most proud of. Even so, you should keep your eyes on the interviewer most of the time in the presentation, other than endorsement with your head bowed.

Self-introduces is the first stage of interview, there are several strategies should be considered. We summing up the strategies as " URBAN “(Unique, Relevant, Bonding, Arousing and Neat) which could be used on the self-introduction of an interview:

The purpose of self-presentation is to make you stand out from the other candidates in the first minutes. So the introduction must be unique!, think about which of your distinctive strong suit or experience should be unique. For example: If you have been living in poverty-stricken area about two months, to help people in the area, try to understand their perspectives, This kind of experience is necessary to be introduced in a self-interview.

You should know: the interviewer merely wanted to know your personal experience and personal characteristics, and thus judge whether you satisfy the requirement of applying positions, So you should remove such irrelevance information in self-introduction, For example: maybe there are some important events in history happened on the day you were born, but this has no relationship with your future work, so you should not mention it at all in self-introduction.

Interviewers are ordinary people like everyone else, they are also will tend to hire people who are similar to them or someone they liked. It is more difficulty to refuse a friend than a stranger, who would be willing to hire someone they are unwilling to work together in the future?, So you should doing investigation and collecting some information of the company before you attend interview, find out what of your characteristics will suit with the culture of the company, but you should not to fictional characters and incidents cater for the interviewer just for the sake of bonding. If they find out you don’t have the characteristics what your have calmed later, they will suspicion of your credibility and integrity.

Although most of the self-introduction prepared in advance and would be recited out, the represent methods of recitation are also very crucial. Let us think about it, the interviewer listening to a dozen or even several dozens of self-introduction all day, most of recitation pretty monotonous and extreme boring, suddenly they heard a very emotional, very rich passionate self-introduction, It is naturally that the candidates should left a deeply impression to the interviewer. Therefore, you should not only prepare for the content of self-introduction, but also pay attention to your emotion and your tone of voice, the auditory effects should also play an important role in the interview.

Because of the self-introduction would finished within 1 or 2 minutes, time is very preciously, therefore the contents and represent methods should be concise. It is not necessary for you to involve in too many details, you should speak point-blank but not fussily. If a candidate making a self-introduction hum and haw, the interviewer could not expect he would give an outstanding representation in the rest of the interview.

It is necessary for you to record the tape of your self-introduction after writing and reciting it well, and besides, you’d better ask some friends to listen to it and offer some suggestions; you will prepare it in advance, while the interviewers know that you will be prepared, thus you should try your best to act it perfect.

Do not act as on-the-spot play deliberately during the interview, you will overdo if you haven’t done it well enough; while if you have done it well, the interviewers may think that you are not professional enough and you don’t pay too much attention to the company as you haven’t prepared your self-introduction. So please remember that the interviewers know that your self-introduction is prepared in advance.

David E. Martin is the Contributing Writer of Seek4Job. Com, online job seeker forum, especially about IT/mobile communication career opportunity offered, For more information on career training, career objective and career education, goto: Seek for Job and Job Seeker Forum


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