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Security Mirror, Fake Security Camera, Door Entry Chime lead the list.

If you own a retail store, security has to be one of your primary concerns. Retail shoplifting accounts for roughly 10 billion dollars in loss each year in the United States, and employee theft accounts for more than 15 billion in loss each year. Statistics like this can’t be ignored. If you are a retailer experiencing a high rate of theft in your store, there is good news. Affordable options exist to help you buckle down and fight back.

There are a few simple and affordable steps that you can take to provide an added layer of security to your retail store. Utilize these pointers, and you will be well on your way to a safer, more cost-effective store.

Think Faux: Sometimes all it takes to ward off would-be thieves and burglars is the power of suggestion. A fake security camera can be an extremely effective deterrent to crime. Nowadays you can find a very convincing fake security camera for as little as $20. Simply mount one or more fake security cameras in corners and let them go to work protecting your inventory and your employees.

If you can afford to install a real security camera system in your store, it is recommended. Those systems start at less than $150. If you have a large store that requires multiple comers, it may be a good idea to mix and match, installing both real and fake security cameras to imply a larger presence.

Security Mirror: One of the most time-honored symbols of inventory protection is the security mirror. Retail stores have been using these tools for years to let potential thieves know there is always someone watching. The great thing about a security mirror is that patrons have no way of knowing which way the camera is pointed at any given time, or if there is even a camera on the other side of the mirror. As a result, affordable security mirrors provide reliable security with a camera or even by themselves. Place security mirrors strategically throughout the store to provide a thorough sense of surveillance within the walls of your store.

Door Entry Chime: Door Entry Chimes have become extremely popular in smaller retail shops where the clerk can’t always be behind the register. Door entry chimes let off a loud buzz or ring when someone walks through the door. In stores where only one or two employees are on staff at a time, the door entry chime provides an additional eye on the store alerting you of a customer entry, no matter where in the store you are. Not only is this a great tool for security, but it also helps with customer service ensuring that you are aware of each customer and have the opportunity to greet them. If your retail store is sparsely staffed, a door entry chime can do you a lot of good, and it starts at under $20.

Store security is a very real issue for storeowners. With careful planning and shopping, there are a lot of small, affordable steps that you can take to implement an effective security presence in your store. For more information on the products discussed here, and for more retail security products, visit

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