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Success in Selling ... Thinking Work or Thinking Play Can Determine Your Energy Levels and Passion

Jim Masson

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To the average individual, there is a definite distinction between work and play. Their perception often is that work is boring, difficult, a necessary evil and something standing in the way of having fun.

Play, on the other hand is seen as fun, easy, exciting, uplifting, enjoyable and whatever other nice mental images you can conjure up. For your career, this opens up an exciting possibility that most children and masters in all fields have already figured out. Let's explore it.

To really take advantage of this concept it is beneficial to understand this undeniable fact.

"A person's perception determines their personal reality and social conditioning 'influences' their perceptions. " Think about that statement for a moment. Drink it in and examine it in your mind. Here are a few of examples of what I mean.

A little child sees his or her dad cutting the lawn and wants to help push the lawnmower because it's fun. The child may have lots of energy and may try to push faster. Cutting the lawn will continue to be fun until someone tells the child that cutting the lawn is hard work and it is a chore that's stopping Dad from having fun playing golf until he gets his work done. The child's perception changes. Hmmm, what are the odds that this child will look forward to cutting the lawn in the future and seeing it as play?

A little child sees his or her mother washing the dinner dishes and wants to help because it looks like fun. The child will approach the task with a smile and loads of energy until Mom describes washing dishes as a chore and dreaded housework that must be done before playtime. The child's perception changes and washing dishes is no longer looked at as something to be enjoyed. It is no longer perceived as something to take pleasure in or appreciated.

Do you see the pattern yet?

Professional athletes, especially the best of the best, refer to what they do as ‘playing’ their sports. Most will tell you that they want to continue ‘playing’ until it isn't fun any more. They will tell you that it is wonderful earning their living by playing at something they love.

Most people, when watching a professional athlete practicing in scorching heat or in the pouring rain would consider what they do as hard boring work. Yet the masters within any sport shrug off their pain and injury. They shrug off the long road trips away from the comforts of home and family. Why? Because they are playing at what they love, they have fun and most of them are making tons of money doing it.

They don't consider it to be work to be avoided. They haven't bought into the cultural myth and conditioned definition that work is tedious, boring, distasteful and hard. They have fun, filled with passion and energy.

The same thing happens with masters in every field of human endeavor. It happens with masters in the selling field every day. If you find that you look at your job as work, I encourage you to find the fun elements of your job and choose to change the way you look at things within it. When you do, you will soon see that the things that you look at change in a positive way. At the risk of sounding like a Nike commercial, “Just do it!"

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