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MLM - Are The Doubters Trying To Sabotage You?


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I am sure you know all about this one. You know the people I am talking about, they are the ones who as soon as you start to talk to them they say . . “This better not be Amway” or “What kind of shonky system are you trying to sell me”. Of course there are even better ones than this and that is with your warm market. You know, you approach someone you know … maybe even your spouse and they say “Oh no, what have you gotten yourself into now? Don’t you know they are a scam, it is just a glorified pyramid scheme”. Oh boy, talk about putting you on a downer and taking the wind out of your sails. This is rejection at it worst, how can you possible think positively towards your MLM when you have this level of doubt being cast upon you from those you love and those you know. So what do you do ? Do you simply go yeah, maybe it is a pyramid scheme and I am stupid for getting into it or do you go well no, you aren’t right and this is why!

The whole pyramid thing comes up time and time again so what do you do about this? How do you counteract someone accusing you, an honest, upstanding good natured citizen about getting involved with a pyramid scheme. The answer is simple, you educate your doubters. In order to be able to educate others you must first be educated so here is some information about so called pyramid schemes. If you think of what an organizational chart looks like for a corporate business? (that's one of those ‘legitimate’ businesses. . . lol) IT LOOKS JUST LIKE A PYRAMID!! The ones who are paid the most, control the most and sit at the TOP of it. It graduates down to all the ‘poor’ slobs on the bottom who eventually, ‘if they are lucky', retire after 30-40 years with a small pension, again ‘if they are lucky', rarely enough to pay their bills.

Do the folks at the bottom of that have anything worthwhile to work for? The saddest part of all is that ‘Paul’ could have done twice the work, sales, production, etc. of ‘Jan', but both make equal pay and retire with basically equal benefits. At least MLM is a system that recognizes performance and pays you based on the performance of both you AND your ‘team’. . . and likewise, right on down the line. To top it all off, you're getting PRODUCT of fair, or equal, value too AND the training and support of the company you represent! Why is this concept so hard for people to grasp? Profits are ALWAYS better than wages, but they are not FREE and it is not EASY.

You have to rise above the doubters and prove to them that it is always going to be better leveraging the efforts of other people to help you all become successful. When you work in a JOB (read as Just Over Broke), you will never be in a position to continue to get paid when you stop trading your time for wages. When you stop working, your pay stops at the same time. MLM offers you the opportunity to be able to sustain a residual income for life, I’m sure you’ll agree its worth educating the doubters about this aspect of the business.

Until next time . . .

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How Our Thoughts Sabotage Our Career
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