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Listen to the Spirit of Your Business

Kaya Singer

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Have you ever felt that things were happily ticking along in your business And then SLAM you bump right into a wall. You were contentedly following your plan and wham, almost suddenly, the road runs out of pavement. You come to a dead stop and your energy feels like it is fizzling down the drain.

You frantically search for where to put your feet; you know the next steps are there but massive insecurity sets in.

You realize that in order to take your business to the next level you need to access a place in yourself that is still untapped territory. You need to stretch your brain or plug yourself into a higher voltage outlet.

You get the picture. We have all been there. You are not alone.

When this happens some people fall apart and curl up into a ball. Other people become anxious and frustrated. Neither of these responses will get you past that wall and moving forward in your business.

What WILL work is LISTENING to the spirit of your business. Sounds a little vague but it works. Listening is a doorway to transformation and information you are seeking.

Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Sit quietly in your favorite place in nature and breath. Simple and it works. Getting out of your office and into an inspiring environment is essentially plugging yourself into that higher voltage untapped outlet. Breath and listen.

2. Talk to a mentor. Share how you feel. When you keep emotional stuff bottled up it feels much bigger and has more power. Your mentor may say just one small thing to you that will give you the next step or just talking may help you to be open to a new message from your business.

3. Have a writing conversation with your business. If you are right handed, use your right hand to ask your business a question and then use your left hand to have your business respond. This kind of writing allows you to side-track your mind that wants to take charge. It allows your non-ego to get out of the way so you can listen to your business.

Next time you feel stuck pick one of these and see what happens. For even more ideas check out The Spirit of Business mini e-book .

Feeling stuck is only a temporary feeling and you CAN move forward.

Blessings on your business. Kaya Singer

Kaya Singer, owns Awakening Business Solutions. She helps small businesses see that prosperity and purpose co-exist in the world of spirit. Kaya helps business owners learn a fail-safe system to attract clients and have a prosperous business. Kaya can be reached at 503-493-1199


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