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The Full Color Printing Facts of Life


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It is hard to imagine life without colors. Everyday, we possess things with our eyes in all their brilliant and colorful glory. And as we continue to progress and move into a more technologically advanced future, doesn’t it make you wonder why most digital equipments are geared towards capturing life like colors?

Indeed, we try to capture the world in all the ways we can. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that is to behold a colorful proof of the world as we see it, right in our own hands – and that can only be through full color printing.

Full color printing seems to replicate the world around us. It re-creates, in one way or another, a realistic view, a landscape of the physical world. It has the ability to preserve certain ideas, feelings and notions of things that we can retrieve easily.

But aside from these romantic ideas about full color printing, it simply is the bar which raises one printer from another. And it isn’t simply about using full color printing or four color process printing in their mechanisms, but it is how one wields it.

The Full Color Printing Process

Full color printing, also known as four color process printing and CMYK color printing, uses four different inks, namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black. K stands for key color, which is black. The letter K reduces the confusion if the letter B were used instead of it. B could stand for blue or brown which can be disastrous in printing.

The images’ colors are separated into these four colors. Each color is then printed unto the paper with varying intensities or saturation levels in order to match the colors on file to the paper.

Through highly calibrated machines, professional printers can generate your prints in the closest possible colors as they were seen on your screen or monitors. Moreover, through a masterful manipulation of equipment and an eye for colors, professional printers can churn out prints without you knowing any difference.

What Does Full Color Printing Achieve?

1. Full color printing brings more life like quality to prints. It has been integrated into almost all commercial printing companies’ processes as a measure of standard. It has also applied to all printing products and services to generate nothing but noticeably vibrant prints.

Business cards, brochures, catalogs, club card flyers, calendars, door hangers, envelopes, letterheads, folders, postcards, posters and stickers are just some of the few printing products which use full color printing.

2. Full color printing makes prints more lively and rich. Images and designs have more depth and contrast that makes for an attractive print material.

3. Full color printing is one of the most attractive facets of print materials. It allures the audiences to pay attention, to pause for awhile and to observe. These following qualities are what makes it popular in marketing and advertising.

4. Full color printing communicates at a subliminal level wherein it effectively evokes certain ideas. These notions add up and complement a particular concept that you wish to impart to your audience.

An ideal example is a picture of a bright orange sunset which can convey certain ideas such as warmth, summer, and the like. On the other hand, an image of grey clouds overhead seems to depict gloom or sadness.

Full color printing allows you to maximize your prints, both in alluring your audiences with captivating prints and in helping you communicate ideas better. Full color printing allows you to harness a wide range of colors that would aptly capture a wide range of landscapes and emotions.

Trust only a professional printer that will give you rich and intense colors for your prints. A professional printer who knows full color printing like no other is in itself a great advantage over others.

For an attractive and attention grabbing materials four color printing will be an ideal concept to apply. To find more on its application please feel free to visit color printing wholesale


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