Map Your Stress in Order to Annihilate Stress


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Mapping your stress involves self-exploration. You are the expert in stress as it applies to you. Before I give you MY definition of the word, “stress” is I want you to tell me how it affects you? What does stress feel like to you?

It is really your experience with stress that is most important at this phase, not mine. Therefore I want you to think about how stress affects you, and then get ready to jot down some questions you need to answer so we both understand what is wrong and how to fix what is wrong.

Exercise #1.1 Feeling What You Feel About Stress

What does stress feel like to you?

Think about this now and write it down before you get out of your car to enter your business. Before you communicate with a single prospect or client today, perform the following exercise.

Take a sheet of paper or write down in a note book or journal the following:

1. This is what stress feels like to me. Now write what stress feels like to you. For example, stress feels like a heavy weight on my back.

2. Write down, how does stress affect me emotionally? For example, I get short with my staff when I am emotionally affected by stress. Are you always calm and steady in your interactions with people while stressed? Do you vent on managers, directors, subordinates, family members, etc? How do you feel emotionally?

3. How is stress affecting my body physically? Do I have headaches, psoriasis, asthma, digestive problems, eating problems, sleep deprivation, back ache, high blood pressure, etc?

Mapping Your Stress

You need to map the effects of your stress to determine what you want to change. Physically, begin thinking about how you feel throughout your body.

Begin with your head and proceed down your body all the way down to your feet.

Now write down the following question, how does stress affect my body?

Go to my Website at: and look for my article on Tip 1: Map Your Stress?

You will not understand how to annihilate stress until you understand how it feels specifically to you.

Only you can determine this. Everyone experiences stress, but some people manifest undesirable emotional and physical conditions.

In the next few episodes we will uncover some interesting aspects of stress and how the fundamental law of attraction comes into play when annihilating stress and achieving your business and personal goals.

It all begins with your self-analysis, and how stress makes you feel.

You need to feel it before you kill it.

Tip #1 Quick Stress Annihilation Exercise When You are Going to Work

Purpose: To annihilate stress while going to your job or your business. We are not annihilating all stress at this point. We will just chip away at it during this exercise with the result of feeling better during everyday activities.

You are just going to change your breathing pattern without regard to what you are thinking about at the time.

It is critical at this time to not think of positive affirmations or happy thoughts. We need to annihilate stress before we can initiate permanent positive change. All I want to do is get you into a pattern of breathing deeply regardless of the ten or twelve thoughts that may be swimming around in your head at the time.

Here is an exercise for walking up to and getting into your car.

As you notice your car in the parking lot, in your garage or in your driveway, begin to take a slow deep breath. Do it at a very slow pace and be sure to breath from the very depth of your lungs. Think one-Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi and so on as you are breathing deeply. You can be walking at your natural speed as you approach your car. Now count to five silently to yourself as you inhale as you breathe in and six through ten as you breathe out. Push any tension out of your lungs. Count at the one-Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi rate of speed.

As you get into your vehicle, again take the ten count breathing exercise. Count to five and breathe in deeply as you turn the key in your ignition and let out your deep breath.

That is the end of your first exercise. Congratulations!

You may ask, What about if I take the train, the elevated train, or the subway, or ride with someone else to work? How do I complete the exercise?

If you are commuting to work, you will be in the process of waiting at a stop or a station. As you approach the bus, cab, train or waiting car, as soon as you identify, your specific mode of transportation, begin the same exercise.

Take a slow deep breath, counting silently from one to five. Then begin letting out your slow deep breath for the count of six through ten. Focus on pushing all the tension out of your lungs.

Walk at your normal pace and think about whatever you wish to think about. Again, this is not the time for positive suggestions or happy thoughts.

You may not be ready for happy thoughts at this time. They will come later in your stress annihilation training.


Always Remember this!

Do not take any more time breathing deeply completing your mission of getting into your car or approaching your bus, cab or training, as you would during your normal day of perhaps not breathing deeply. We want to develop strategies that you can easily integrate into your life in order to get the desire result which is: Annihilate Stress and Propagate Hope.

Wayne F. Perkins is the Stress Annihilator. Wayne presents a one hour program for sales teams and executive teams to annihilate stress and propagate hope. Wayne also presents stress annihilation retreats in Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Call Wayne Perkins today at: 602-647-4280


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