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Ralph Emmerson said - “If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon or make a better mouse trap than his neighbor, though he build his house in the wood, the world will make a beaten path to his door. "

Apart from Google, the popular search engine, almost every other business in the world needs to advertise. The internet changed the way we advertise & promote businesses in today’s world. Online advertising is a major necessity for most business owners. We must be comfortable with promoting on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ebay & the other online resources; How does pay-per-click works? How much should you bid on Google? How does Adsense work? Is Adsense suitable for you. There are so many factors to consider. Traditional media that still works well for most businesses – print, TV, radio & direct mail. Ironically, more direct mail today is printed than before online marketing became popular. This shows that both new & old methods of marketing can co-exist alongside each other, just fine. You need both.

There are so many more questions to consider. Why you must advertise; word of mouth advertising; the need for volume sales; the real costs of advertising; how to reach your market; why you buy; should all businesses advertise?

In future articles, I will address Jack The Slasher, How to Understand Your Customers, Identifying with Your Prospects & Customers, How to Get Maximum Exposure, Generic Brands and How Retailers Benefit.

How Much to Spend? Rule – you must remember your Cash Flow. Should you Spend a % of Volume? It is complicated & difficult to determine the Best Amount to Spend. Can you Spend Too Little? Which Media? You must Analyze the Target Group. Don't forget about TV, Radio, Magazines & Newspapers. Figure out how to Get Better Response from your Ad. Don’t Get into a Rut! Always consider New Media. Keep up with the rest of the world.

Other factors to consider: Should you Use An Ad Agency? How do you Find the Best Agency for your Business? A special Classic Essay – How to Create Advertising That Sells by David Ogilvy – a must read - he talks about the Most Important Decision, Large Promise, Brand Image, Big Ideas, A First Class Ticket, Don’t be a Bore, & Innovate.

What Works Best in TV – testimonials, problem solution, visual demonstrations, slice o life? Avoid logorrhea, lip-sun voice.

What works best in print – headlines, benefit in headlines, news in headlines, simple headlines, how many words in a headline? Localize headlines, use long copy, use a picture story appeal, use before & after, use photos not illustrations, use captions, use editorial look ads, repeat your winners.

What works best in radio? How do you select the right audience? How do you get attention? Visual sounds are best, use clarity, just push one proposition. What do say in your ads? How do you say it? Review Sample Winning Scripts for TV & Radio. Produce memorable ads, create a favorable image, be original.

Put some thought into your advertising. You will be successful if you Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Geoff Hasler is Author of the following business books. How To Start and Manage Your Own Business by Geoff Hasler Geoff Hasler,
Author - How to Advertise Your Business


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Advertise a Cleaning Business
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