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Designing and Printing Catalogs


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There are 2 different kinds of popular catalogs used for merchandising. There are online catalogs that provide easy access using the internet, and there are printed catalogs that are used for mail-orders. Mail order is a means of purchasing products and services through mail. Though online catalogs are cheaper to set-up, there are many disadvantages of using this method of advertising. First of which is that it poses security issues. There are many cases of online theft and hacking; customers might be wary and hesitant to order given that this form of thievery is rampant. Dial-up users will have difficulty with trying to access these online catalogs. This might frustrate customers and end up causing losses in potential customers for the companies. Customers will not be able to test products. Online catalogs are impersonal and it fails to make the same kind of impression as a printed catalog would. Printed catalogs show the effort that a company has put behind trying to advertise and make an impression.

Catalogs are a convenient way to showcase your products and provide your customers with the convenience of browsing through the offers in the comforts of their own home while trying to initiate a more personal relationship with the customer.

Designing and printing your catalog must be thought of properly. The placement of your products, the colors and typefaces you use, the size of the photographs and also having a consistent layout is essential to the success your catalog has with attracting buyers. It's advisable that you place your best products on the right hand side because when browsing through a catalog, most eyes fall on the right hand side and not on the part closer to the catalog's spine. It is also advisable that you are not to use too many different typefaces or fonts because this will end up making the catalog look inconsistent and confusing. Limit the typefaces to 2 or 3 at the most. Consistency will give the impression of formality and quality.

The layout of your catalog should be simple and uncluttered. The layout should be consistent on every page. The catalog should show the necessary information about the products and services being offered. A full color catalog will attract more attention than a duo tonal catalog. It is better if the photos of the services and products included in the catalog be shown in full color so as to provide a more honest impression with the potential buyer. Black and white catalogs attract far less responses than full color ones.

After designing your catalog, do not forget to include a well designed order form that can be filled out easily. Do not include unnecessary questions. Limit the questions to the customer's contact information and delivery method of choice. Make the customer feel like everything will be taken care of by the company without having to ask too much from the customer.

Now decide on how you are going to print your catalog. Choose a company that is well reputed for quality prints. Consider the size of your catalog and your target market. Do not make an oversized catalog that will hassle your audience with the difficulty of trying to read it. Similarly, do not make a catalog that is too small to view the details of your product. Catalog printing requires the expertise of professionals. Usually online printing companies offer lower prices than local printing companies. Plus, it will be much easier just uploading your images and leaving all the designing to these companies. This will ensure that your catalog has a more professional look.

If you have designed and printed your catalog with success, this is where you will see if your catalog is a keeper or not. A catalog that has a longer shelf life will save you more marketing money and increase the chances of more people browsing through your catalog.

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