10 Window Signs Questions- An Overview on Window Cling


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Contemporary advertisements materials are all the rage in today’s world. Various marketing strategies and promotional tactics are being developed in the hopes of making their products a household name.

True enough, many means have been exhausted, from television ads to window signs. And the most popular of these are television advertisements or commercials. An airtime of 30 seconds alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the production cost you still had to pay for in the process.

However flooded the market may be with all the products, there are and always be new brands who will keep on emerging. Some of these brands didn’t even have television or radio ads to begin with.

Remember local legends or infamous home made recipes that suddenly blew up and made a big hit? Remember that everything starts from somewhere. Out of something small or little, there is always the potential to gain something big.

Advertising and establishing your business is something similar to that. You don’t have to immediately invest a lot of savings into the most costly media tools, but invest which ones would work the best for you. There are flyers, brochures, catalogs, and of course, window clings.

Window clings may not be the most unconventional form of advertisement, but it will certainly keep your audience looking in, and eventually drawing them in. Window clings are not overtly flashy like neon signs, but they can easily grab the attention of any passersby. A pedestrian or even a car driving by could easily notice window signs that set a strong and bold statement.

Windows signs are not just labels that indicate “Flowers for Sale” or “Ladies Boutique and Gift Accessory. ” Window signs, with the advent of technology, are themselves acts like posters which can hold up visually stimulating designs. Its colors can still captivate audiences, whether its clear or opaque window cling.

They blow up to sizes of 59 x 100 and adhere through static cling. There are no messy clean up and no residue on your windows. You can use them over and over again and change your window signs and designs season after season. Moreover, window clings are printing using UV protected archival inks that protects your window clings from sun exposure without fading. Thus, it is safe for use indoors or outdoors.

There are plenty of reasons that makes window cling an ideal advertising or marketing tool for your business’ needs. However, as with any decision to invest on a promotional material, it is wise to ask these guidelines to properly harness and gain the full rewards of using window cling.

Here are some questions to ask yourself accordingly:

1. Which part of your shop would strategically attract more people?

2. Which side or part of the shop would promote greater visibility or exposure to your window cling?

3. Will your color choices for your design blend aimlessly within the landscape or with it strike through effectively and deliver a high impact message to your audience?

4. Would using a clear or opaque window cling be more suitable for your line of business? Clear window cling have the ability to gain transparency at some point in the day while opaque window cling may obstruct the view inside the store at night.

5. Should the window cling add to aesthetic appearance of the store and merge with it?

6. What should be the emphasis of the design on the window cling?

7. How do I make the window cling an aesthetic decoration at the same time an advertising material?

8. What other spots in the store would be suitable to place the window cling, in case the one I had planned it for didn’t work out so well?

9. Would it be more suitable to place the window cling inside or outside?

10. Would one window cling be effective or should I put one on all windows to have a similar pattern?

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