Wrting Cover Letters That Get Your Resume Read First


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Writing cover letters that target the requirements of the job and demonstrate a healthy understanding of the organization and industry you want to work in will greatly increase your prospects of obtaining an interview. So how do you go about writing cover letters that get your resume read first?

Your cover letter creates the first impression of you and can influence the way a potential employer views your application. Writing cover letters that grab the reader’s interest and encourage a careful reading of your resume must therefore be considered as important as writing an effective resume.

Do not send generic cover letters with your resume if you want to be considered seriously for a position. Each cover letter must be individually targeted to each position and if necessary, your resume should also be adjusted to suit. Your cover letter should be well written and free of errors if you hope to gain an interview.

However, if you are not confident that you are able to write an effective cover letter, there are templates for writing cover letters freely available for download from the internet. Cover letter templates simply provide an outline of what you must include in your cover letter and even provide you with an order.

For some people, this saves a great deal of anxiety and they can focus on the more important issues of content. Once you have completed a first draft using a template, you are free to personalize your cover letter and reveal your personality if you wish.

A typical cover letter template will guide you to include all the necessary contact information, the employer’s contact information, and direct you paragraph by paragraph to include all the necessary elements of a good cover letter.

You can add more to the cover letter than is suggested if you feel it is necessary, however, cover letters should be relatively short. They should be no longer than two pages at the most, but ideally one page of three to four paragraphs is what you should aim for.

Remember when writing cover letters that they should be short, concise and to the point. Do not include anything that is not directly relevant to your application. Make it as easy as possible for a potential employer to see that you fulfill all the specifications for the job.

Your cover letter is meant to both inform and influence. In a sense, writing cover letters that are effective and interesting will predispose potential employers in your favor and they will read your resume more proactively and positively than otherwise.

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Resume and Cover Letters-5 Tips for Anyone Entering the Work Force
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