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Write Cover Letters That Get Results

Bryan Thorby

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Write cover letters that will generate the job interview offers you seek. A well written cover letter is actually more in your job search activities than the quality of your resume.

In reality, many people consider their cover letter as an after thought because their main focus has been on creating an amazing resume.

To be considered for a job interview the cover letter you write must “sell" the reader into at least perusing your resume. If your cover letter does not achieve that little task then you will not be getting very many job interview offers.

The function of the cover letter is to get prospective employer representatives to read your resume.

Avoid using generic cover letters with your resume if you want to be considered seriously for a position. Write cover letters that individually target each position you apply for and if necessary, your resume should also be adjusted to suit.

How do you write cover letters that impress?

The cover letter is a business letter so format it out as such. Place your name, address and phone number at the top followed by the contact details of the person to whom you are submitting your resume - the prospective employer.

Your opening statement must be an attention grabber and be focused on the job you are applying for.

The following paragraphs need to provide the information necessary to encourage the employer to read your resume and be motivated to giving you a job interview. Write your cover letter so that you provide a summarized version of the most important aspects of your resume that most closely relate to the position you are applying.

Write cover letters to highlight your abilities and skills. This will give the reader the chance to measure you against the criteria set for the position. Be specific, showcase your background that makes you a “fit" for the position.

Your cover letter also gives you the opportunity to show who you are, not what you've done. Write your cover letters to show you have a personality, something that your resume does not do.

Although the potential employer is very interested in your experiences, skills, and abilities, but they also want to hire someone who will fit into the company culture. Indicate the qualities and attributes you will bring to the company.

Remember to write cover letters that are short, concise and to the point. Avoid including anything that is not directly relevant to your application. Make it as easy as possible for a prospective employer to see that you fulfill all the specifications for the job.

Most importantly, write cover letters that indicate how serious you are about the job. It should show that you want the job and you are willing to take it.

The closing paragraph needs to compel the prospective employer to take action - ie, call you for the interview. Include exactly what you want the employer to do. For example, your final sentence could be something like:

"I look forward to your phone call to schedule a mutually convenient time for my interview. "

Follow this format to write your cover letters and see how you will get your resume read more often which should mean more job interview opportunities. Write cover letters that get results.

Does your cover letter suck? Did you know that a well written cover letter is actually more important than your resume! Bryan Thorby at has the resources. Go to the Cover Letter Resource center for the secret key requisites to writing amazing cover letters.


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