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More and more employers are using electronic resumes to help them find the right candidates for a position. And this means they aren't reading your resume. They aren't even glancing at it to decide if it goes into the reject or possible pile.

No, instead, they are using software programs to scan the resumes for certain words and phrases. If your resume isn't designed with those words and phrases, it will never get seen by human eyes. And that means no job interview, and no job.

And it doesn't matter that you may be, by far, the most qualified person for the job. Your potential employer will never know. And you'll still be job hunting.

Here are some things you need to know to make sure your electronic resume gets read.

Use nouns, not verbs. Nouns are the dominant words in an electronic resume. Words like account, sales executive, vice president, etc.

Use Keyword Descriptors. These are very important. Keyword descriptors have to do with your accomplishments and skill set. Keyword descriptors include words like educationm, experience and accomplishments.

Forget fancy. This means nothing in an electronic resume. The simpler, the better. You don't need different fonts, etc.

Simple, Simple, Simple. No fancy graphics, tables, or even bullet points.

Don't Use Abbreviations. Forget BA. Spell out Bachelor of Arts.

Put your name first and then your contact information on another line.

White space is good. Make sure to leave spaces between sections of your resume. This makes it easier for the scanner software.

Use words everyone understands.

The one page resume is out. With electronic resumes, multiple resumes are perfectly acceptable. If you've been in the workforce for any length of time, don't panic about trying to force everything on to one page.

Follow these electronic resume tips and you'll have a better chance of your electronic resume getting read.

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