Why Your Resume Should Focus On Problem Solving


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Most prospective employers will hardly take the time to focus on reading your resume through. Most will just scan quickly through and toss it aside only to pick up the next one or click on the next one online.

The question here is what is it that they are usually looking for that will catch their attention and cause them to pay closer attention to your resume? It has to be something that really occupies the minds of managers all the time, and what may that be? Ask any manager that question and they will all give you the same answer. Managers are occupied most of the time with problem solving. They are constantly making decisions that are aimed at solving problems that fly at them constantly.

So it makes a lot of sense for your cover letter and resume to focus on problem solving. You can easily do this by highlighting problems that you have faced in previous positions and how you solved them. This is the single thing that is bound to catch the attention of anybody looking to hire you for a position.

When you really think about it, companies usually hire to solve problems already being faced. This is even truer in our world of downsizing and shrinking workforces.

This is by far the best strategy of getting into that happy situation where your resume and cover letter have exactly what your prospective employer is looking for. It is bound to make you quickly stand out way above the rest.

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Problem Solving and Memory
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