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Scan your resume. If the last number on your resume is your phone number or a date of employment. Are many of your numbers preceded by dollar signs? If not, you need a rewrite.

I’m a lawyer and was an English major in college. I have written 12 books. I get words. Not only that, I can’t add 2+2 twice and get the same answer. The last math class I took was first semester algebra in college (my worst grade in college). That is why it pains me to say this: numbers rule.

You need to figure out how to explain your accomplishments in terms of results delivered and, whenever possible, to do so using numbers and measurements. Hiring managers are asked every day to deliver business results, and usually those results are measured. If you want to get hired, speak in terms your audience is already using every day.

Using numbers and results to tell your story does three things. First, it gets you noticed. It is surprising the number of resumes I see that don’t mention one result or number - a resume that does will stand out.

Second, it needs no translation. Using results and numbers will sell your skills and abilities in terms the hiring manager uses daily.

Third it shows that you “know the lingo. ” It immediately communicates that you are comfortable in a business setting. It makes you easy to hire.

Look at every business accomplishment listed on your resume and try to attach a number to it. Answer these questions:
How much money was saved?
How much time was cut?
How much more efficient was the process?
How many employees did it take to complete the task before and after the change?
What was the budget (and did it come in over or under)?

You don’t have to have a number on every line of your resume, but there should be one anywhere it can reasonably fit. Try to tell your story with numbers and your resume will speak clearly to your hiring manager. It is an almost hypnotic technique to get the hiring manager to pick up the phone and ask you for more.

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