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How To Dress For a Job Interview-6 Simple Tips For Success


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Appearance plays a big part in a job interview, possibly the biggest part. That first impression is most often the one that counts, and 90% of the time the first impression is made from what you are wearing. With that in mind, I’m going to show you exactly how to dress for a job interview!

Wear a suit- Dark blue, grey or black. No prints or pinstripes, and make sure it is a conservative cut. Wear a white long sleeved blouse/shirt underneath it. The interviewer will be expecting all applicants to dress in this manner. If you don’t it will single you out in a very negative way!

Make sure your hair is well groomed- A hairstyle can be a wildly subjective part of someone, so at the very least you had better make sure it is clean and tidy, with a minimum of product in use.

Use minimal aftershave/perfume- Too much scent is a sure sign of someone who does not know how to dress for a job interview. Sure, you may love the smell of the latest CK scent, but what if the interviewer hates it? Worse still, what if they are allergic and talking to you brings them out in hives? Many interviewers find it very unprofessional to wear perfume etc to an interview, so even if they love the smell you may be downgrading yourself. You can avoid this where possible by making sure you are freshly showered before you enter the interview, so you will smell nice and clean and avoid the need for perfumes etc.

Have fresh breath- This is essential yet is often overlooked. You don’t want to enter the actual interview and be chewing gum or sucking a mint-even if you think you may be able to conceal it from the interviewers, there is always they chance that they will notice! Instead, chew gum or suck a breath mint for the ten or twenty minutes before you enter the building, then get rid of it when you enter.

No jewelery- A wedding/engagement ring is about the limit, and possibly a college ring. Anything more than this will be noticed by the interviewer and will do nothing but show you up as unprofessional- no matter how fashionable it may be, wearing a lot of jewelery is not how to dress for a job interview!

Take a briefcase/folio case- If you have any need at all of taking some kind of bag, take a briefcase. Any other kind of bag/purse rucksack is a definite nono. If you take anything else to an interview, you are saying to the interviewer “I just put this suit on for interviews, I’m not really that professional as you can see from this bag. ” This is not what we want to show the interviewer.

As you’ve seen, there’s no big secret to how to dress for a job interview-it’s mostly common sense and careful consideration for others that will get you through!

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David Raybould is the owner of and is keen to help people understand that job interview success is not as hard as they think!


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