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When in your compliance job interview there are going to be questions you feel comfortable asking, while other you may find more difficult. We’ve come up with ways you shouldn’t answer eight popular job interview questions.

What are your strengths & weaknesses – Don’t Say You Have No Faults… It will only make you look over confident and arrogant, not hugely appealing qualities in a candidate for an insurance job. Think of some honest fault you have, explain why they can be a problem, suggest ways in which the faults can at times be beneficial and explain how you deal with these faults.

Proudest Achievements – Don’t Say Something Irrelevant – you might be very proud of the sports day when you won the egg and spoon at primary school, but it’s irrelevant to compliance. If you are asked this question tell your interviewers about a success you had in your previous role which had real tangible and ideally measurable benefits for the employer.

Outside of Work Hobbies – Don’t Say Watching Telly, in reality most people don’t have the most exciting lives outside of work, but the last thing you want to do in your interview is come across as boring. A few white lies might not be the end of the world when talking about your hobbies but be careful, you might mention how you love scuba diving despite going nowhere near a snorkel in your life, you never know that your interviewer could be an expert.

Trick Questions – Don’t take them Too Seriously – Employers are always asking trick or silly questions like getting you to sell some random piece of stationery. Usually these types of questions are irrelevant, don’t worry too much about your answer, just show that you are afraid to think on your feet and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do You Break Rules to get things done – Don’t Say You Find Rules Restrictive. Employers love these ‘lesser of two evils’ style questions. Usually there is no right answer, so explain the pros and cons of both options show how you can be pragmatic and make difficult decisions based on the circumstances you find yourself in.

Ever Been Fired – Don’t lie or criticise old employers – it’s never nice to have been fired from a job, unfortunately there is little you can do to change the past, so it’s important to put a positive spin on events. Don’t complain about the old job it will make you look professional, try and show a positive & honest attitude if you can show this they employer will forget the fact you’ve been fired.

Do You Have/Want Kids – The question is illegal though telling them that could be bad – there are laws in place which should prevent employers from asking personal questions like this, however it might not be the best strategy to illustrate this too them. Don’t answer any personal questions which you feel uncomfortable answering but similarly you don’t want to come across as secretive or evasive.

Why did you leave the job – don’t say you didn’t get on with the boss. People leave jobs for all kinds of reasons often they aren’t positive. However if you are going for a competitive compliance job it’s important you communicate a constructive reason for you leaving. Wanting a newer challenge is the fail safe but try and create a reason which illustrates how you would be ideal for job you are after.

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