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Marketing has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last five years. Today, Marketing has over 200 offices throughout North America. Currently, Marketing annual sales are well over 144 million dollars (US); a compelling testament to the fundamental beliefs of Vector Marketing's business: People, Products, and Programs.

The lifeblood of success for Marketing can be traced to the amazing people who have had a direct impact on Marketing's growth and prosperity. Marketing Skills for Life offers a glimpse into the personal views of those who have had the opportunity to learn first-hand how the Marketing experience was so beneficial to them. Whether it's a skill they inherited through time, or simply an emotion that allowed their professional career to take shape, these specific examples are shared.

The stories are a result of the hard work and dedication each individual applied to themselves in order to be the best they could be, and what it took to excel in the business realm. We hope that these chronicled accounts serve as an example to all those who are striving to achieve their goals.

Entering the Job Market

When students leave the formal education system they fall into one of three groups; graduates who find employment, dropouts who find employment, and dropouts who become a burden on society.

Professionals who credit the education system for their success. - Formal education, where the system inspires a vision, helps students discover their natural talent, then gives them opportunity to develop it and then helps them find their first job. Interest usually relates to the white-collar world.

Professionals who credit their success by rejecting the education system. - Self-educated, where the education system labeled them failures. They were rebellious and their rebellion helped them find a vision that motivated them to discover their natural talent and they found ways to develop it. Interest is usually related to the blue-collar world. With no help from society, they found employment and advanced to highly respected positions.

Unemployable who rejected the education system. - Teenagers who are in conflict with classroom environments and NEVER find a vision or their natural talent. They do not know how to overcome negative classroom labels and are not aware of self-education skills that worked for other high school dropouts. They are confronted with barriers and then believed the negative labels placed on them. As a result they become a burden on society. Society uses these people as examples of what happens when students don't play by the formal education rules.

Society pressure group three to reenter group one. Group three's best chance for developing productive skills is to follow group two's example. This is the concept behind The Self-discovery School.

Teenagers who are in conflict with classroom environments, are repeatedly told they are FAILURES. This message is broadcast by the teacher's pressure to get students to comply. The message is then picked up by fellow students whose words are derogatory; dummy, stupid, idiot, which labels them as the classroom outcast. Their reaction is predictable.

The process starts with negative self-esteem.
They become intimidated in the presence of intellectuals.
Rebellion sets in.
Being a trouble maker gets recognition.
Drugs soften the misfit pressure.
Criminal behavior becomes their occupation.
Rebellion starts with inward conflicts of having to fight outward social pressure to be something they are not.

The subconscious is trying to discover itself.

Wanting to be accepted. They know they don't fit.

Wanting to be somebody. Teenagers have dreams of doing great things until their social environment kills them.

Teenagers need opportunity to develop non-academic skills such as apprentice programs. Starting at the age of 14, they should have opportunity to experience welding shop tools, machine shop tools, carpentry tools, etc. Experience with blue-collar skills can make them aware of their unique talent while inspiring a motivating vision.

For super achievers, their vision started during their early teens or before. This is the time to plant visions, not wait until they are twenty.

Krishnanand - a Sales professional entered into the field with huge fear and now enjoying a lot with the same.


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