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Multi-Level Marketing is Dead - Killed By The Internet


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The MLM Business model was an effective distribution network for products from a variety of categories. From vitamins, to household appliances, there was an MLM company that could gear up its band of distributors and take that product to market.

However, the MLM business model has been eclipsed by the gargantuan power and promise of the Internet. With a direct intention to enhance the progress of any business, the Internet has that has trampled, discredited and almost destroyed the MLM industry.

The promise of riches, success and wealth from MLM participation has imploded into the faces of millions of innocent business owners who are devastated financially because their MLM hopes and dreams have failed. But thousands of starry-eyed “would have beens” MLM'ers have turned their backs on the hyperbole of the MLM swan song and merged their dreams of financial freedom to the Internet.

The Internet home base business opportunity has replaced all those secret home meetings and overpriced “sizzle" products offered by those redundant MLM companies. The Internet opens up a whole cornucopia of business opportunities that offer a variety of product, services and pay. The Internet really does provide the the average person a real chance to achieve above average income that leads to financial freedom.

Online businesses like eBay provide new entrepreneurs with a ready-made customer base and storefront. These ebay entrepreneurs are a true testament to the power and promise of the Internet. Almost anyone has what it takes to make it to the upper tiers in eBay. Conversely, with the MLM business models, only 2% of new MLM distributors will ever see a profit.

According to Skip McGrath, author of “Titanium eBay” he calculates that eBay PowerSellers earn anywhere from $1,000 to more than $150,000 monthly. Even the lower figure of $1,000 per month is more than the average MLM recruit earns per year. According to their own records, one of the top MLM companies revealed that their average leaders earns less that $2,500 per year.

Consumers no longer require an MLM company for distribution of products. Walmart has created the most effective distribution channel anywhere in the world. Walmart provided low cost home care and personal care products at a cost that few MLM companies can compete with.

Using the Internet consumers are able to buy almost anything they want from the privacy of their homes. Online shopping is a billion dollar a year business. Most consumers will not jump through the hoops imposed by MLM companies to purchase their products. Customers are not obliged to pay to purchase products, the Internet provides too many options.

Customers do not want to pay to play with an MLM Company, they will just click away and find the same product at a cheaper price.

MLM cannot survive in a market that offers individuals an infinite number of choices. When MLM was the only game in town, individuals joined in droves, MLM companies sprang up everywhere and for years this industry thrived. That time has passed. The Internet is a virtual marketplace with endless possibilities for all the promises that the MLM business model failed to provide.

MLM companies cannot survive close scrutiny. The Internet is the ultimate information gathering medium. The same communication medium that the MLM giants intended to use to expand its customer and distributor base is actually the medium that has exposed the MLM opportunity as a game of cards that is falling fast. Several television expose’ have shown that MLM companies despite their benevolent claims use new distributors in an elaborate scheme to enrich itself, not its community or its distributors.


Virginia Sanders is an advocate of "Nanas and Old People Need to Be Rich Society". She is past president of OJA (Opportunity Junkie Anonymous). Virginia lives in Sacramento, CA. She is the mother of twin daughters and “Nana" to a precocious 8-year-old nicknamed Tre’. Researching and writing articles is a part-time endeavor; Finding lucrative online opportunities is her passion. For a business that will earn You instant and long-term income visit: Membership has its Privileges


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