Believe It or Not, It Must Be Believable


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It is entirely natural for people to discount the credibility and sincerity of an advertising message.

After all, copywriters are “professional enthusiasts", aren't we? We're cheerleaders for our cause. We have to believe in what we're offering. But, unless we provide some credibility to our offer, everyone loses.

Here, however, are a few ways to add credibility to your ads and sales letters:

Use statements that also “ring" true. Sometimes actual truth may be so startling, it may seem unbelievable. It has been said that “We have faith in a promised benefit only as long as there is nothing in our experience to dispute or contradict it. "

In a world where everyone says their product “is the best", understatement can carry more conviction than palpable overstatement. Credibility for all the claims made is increased when relatively minor faults are admitted. Dan Kennedy calls this “Damaging Admission. " If you admit your flaws, it makes you more human, thus credibility is established.

To make your facts more believable, make them specific. Example: “Ivory Soap is not 100% pure, but 99 and 44/100 percent pure. " Understand?

To use actual photographs of someone using your product or service, rather than drawings, increases credibility.

Explain the reasons why. The more you educate your prospects or customers on why the promise can be performed, the more credibility you build. If you tell them “the reason we are able to offer this product at such an incredibly low cost to you is because, quite frankly, we need to clean out our inventory quickly and make room for next year's new models. "

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