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You're not out to recruit the world.

Not everyone is a good candidate for network marketing, and fewer still have the desire and ambition to build a profitable network marketing business themselves. To improve your chances of becoming successful in your own network marketing business, you'll need to know what to look for in prospects who come to you. This is by no means a comprehensive guide for a network marketing sponsor, but rather a guideline to follow when prospecting.

  • Sponsor people you love, respect, admire and would want to be associated with.

Every great leader forms a ‘mastermind group’ of like-minded people to associate with. When you choose wisely and focus on those you'd want to have a business relationship with and those who you hold in high esteem, your network marketing business tends to run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Sponsor people who are on your Attitude level and above.

Having a positive attitude is essential. Prospects who are generally negative or do not possess an overall positive outlook on life will rarely become successful through network marketing. This is a people-oriented business, and the attitude of those you bring into your network marketing business needs to be up to par - not only because you'll be interacting with them personally, but because they'll be interacting with other prospects and customers.

  • Sponsor individuals, not Titles, Groups or Associations.

Network marketing is personal, relational marketing. People like to connect with other people, and network marketing is a natural companion to our human nature and desire for human contact. There can be exceptions to this, but overall you should always connect with an individual. They'll appreciate it.

  • Sponsor people, one at a time.

You are the leader. Initially you'll need to teach and assist those you bring into your network marketing business one-on-one. Think of school - teachers with smaller class sizes tend to address each student's individual need. When you work personally with those building their own network marketing business, you are giving them an incredible advantage.

  • Sponsor people within your Sphere of Influence.

To build your network marketing business as quickly as possible, talk with people you know and who know you first. Not everyone will be interested in your opportunity, but because they are in your ‘warm’ market you won't have to break down barriers to connect with them, as opposed to marketing to those you don't know.

  • Sponsor people who are ambitious, trustworthy, hungry, willing to work and listen.

This should go without saying. Network marketing is a business first, and those who do not understand that there is actual work involved with learning how to do business the right way will rarely become successful in their own network marketing business. Ambition and moral character are also essential - those looking to join your network marketing organization will see these qualities in you, and those looking to join their organization will see it in them.

  • Sponsor happy people.

Happiness is the spice of life. Positive, happy people are already halfway to success (if they're not successful already), and their positive emotions tend to rub off on those they connect with. Would you join a network marketing business with a grump?

  • Sponsor those within driving distance of your home initially, in order to support them.

Again, personal contact is essential in the early stages of your network marketing business. Our business is fun when you get to connect personally and enjoy the company of those you bring into your business, and they'll appreciate that you'll be there with them as well.

  • Sponsor people who have a dream, and are willing to do something about it.

Network marketing is a vehicle to take you to where you want to be in life. Everyone wants a successful network marketing business. Few have the desire to take action and make it happen. Results-oriented people, the ones who take action and enjoy seeing the fruits of their actions, will often build a successful network marketing business fast. These are the people you should connect with.

  • Sponsor people you like and want to be around.

Hopefully you're into network marketing for the long run. If you can't get along with those you bring into the business, and more importantly - if they can't get along with you, there will be some serious issues down the line. Always sponsor the upbeat, positive people you want to be in a long-term business relationship with.

  • Sponsor independent and dynamic people, not ‘projects’.

You're here to help and you're here to teach - but you're not here to babysit. If the people you bring into your network marketing business do not have an independent desire to learn how to grow their business and themselves, your personal business growth will be slowed because of them.

  • Sponsor the most successful people you know.

Success breeds success. Leaders breed leaders. Those who have already achieved some degree of success personally or financially are excellent prospects for network marketing - not just because of the money, but because of what they can offer to those who look to them for help in their own network marketing business.

  • You are looking for people who are looking.

You may not see a six-figure income through network marketing for some time, and you certainly shouldn't lie about what you're making in your network marketing business. Initially, you're just looking for people who are looking for a low-cost option to build a successful business. Quite often they'll trust your judgement and see the potential in network marketing as you have.

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