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Keith Jenkins

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I have been involved with MLM and home based business for over 15 years now. I have been fortunate enough to build several large organizations that, to this day, still continue to pay me.

I have noticed several stages that people go through when the originally get started with a MLM.

If you can identify which stage that you (or your downline) are in, it may be helpful to you to grow your business.

The First stage is Initial Excitement.

We all remember that time that we were first excited when we got that starter Kit in the mail. That initial excitement of the possibilities. We were flying on the air.

The Second Stage is Friends and Family.

This is the stage where we finally get up excitement and courage and we actually go out and start talking with some of our family and friends about the opportunity that we have just gotten involved with. Some people never even make it to this stage. Many people if they do reach this stage get shut down quick because their friends or family are not interested in their product or service.

The Third Stage is Lead Generation.

This is when people have started to realize that maybe the friends and family thing isn't enough. They come to the conclusion that they are going to have to present their opportunity to literally hundreds if not thousands of people. Most people (if they even reach this stage) are actually purchasing leads from a third party source. They have created an additional expense of purchasing leads, and most likely are spending a lot of time physically calling those leads one by one. Now there is nothing wrong with that, the truly successful in MLM are contacting a lot of people by phone with some sort of “prequalified leads" Many people will never even reach this stage in their mlm. They will lose interest, or realize that it is too much work, or just will give up.

The Fourth Stage is Creating Your Own System

Most successful MLM'ers that I have talked to have created their own marketing system. What that means is they are creating their leads from scratch on their own. This is not an easy thing to do. Many times these successful Gurus are working “outside" of their uplines “suggestions" and not doing things in the typical ways. These people have developed skills outside of the normal. They have figured out how to develop a “squeeze" page to collect contact information. They have learned some good copywriting skills. They understand that they must provide VALUE to their contacts. They have developed a system that is theirs and theirs alone. They have learned how to sell THEMSELVES first, and then their opportunity.

It's quite a thing when you are able to do that. People learn how to create value, offer people what they are really wanting, and then the rest come naturally. It is free and easy to learn this stuff? Absolutely not. It takes time, effort, energy and money. . . More importantly it takes heart, character, and the willingness to do whatever it takes.

As always would love to hear your comments questions, or concerns about anything that we write.

Keith Jenkins


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