Measured Results vs. Statistics


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In a previous Marketing Tip I promised you that I will reveal to you a tactic that will improve your business and here it is.

I can tell you this - it doesn't matter whether you are a sales person, a small business owner or corporate executive - it doesn't matter whether you sell to businesses or consumers if you'll thoroughly study and consider the information and ideas presented in these emails and take appropriate follow-up actions to switch the emphasis of your marketing into methods that bring direct response and are results measurable you will improve the profit of your business.

And I want you to remember this - any media sales person, any ad agency person, any consultant, anyone in your own firm who is anti-direct response does not have your best interest at heart. The person who opposes having the results measured accurately already knows that the results are inadequate.

I hope you didn't find my promise sneaky or perhaps a bit deceptive, but it is perhaps the best and most profitable advice anyone can ever deliver to you.

Not many people know this about me because I'm not particularly proud of it but, I come from the advertising business by the way and once owned a small ad agency. Our clients included many small companies as well as big firms like Goodyear, Aerospace and Monsanto.

I've also worked with other ad agencies as a freelance copyrighter, consultant, and a trainer of account executives on presentation skills. Unfortunately the agency business is very much a smoke screen and slide-of-hand business. You'll be presented with demographic statistics from a given media that are just great. Unfortunately the listeners or readers all lied when they responded to the survey in order to look good and feel good. They inflated their incomes for example.

Print media loves to snow you with its pass-along figures. They'll talk 100,000 readerships with 20,000 subscribers. When you have to write out the payroll checks, pay the other bills, pay for all the advertising, pay the taxes and then see what might be left for you, you cannot deposit pass-along statistics or image in the bank account. You can only deposit dollars, which come from real results.

Remember in an earlier email I wrote that direct response advertising is 99% measurable and that I'll explain the 1% added benefit factor later. Well in your next Marketing Tip of the Week email, I'll reveal the ‘1% factor’ to you.

Four reasons that I love direct response advertising are:

  • Measurable. You know whether your money is well
    spent or not.
  • Gets opened, heard, or read. It cuts through clutter
    and reduces waste in marketing.
  • Not deep pockets image marketing. You don’t need
    gobs of money to do it.
  • Gets Results. It makes you money.

    If you want to truly learn how to use direct response advertising following this link. and sign up for the FR*EE Gift.

    Keith Lee, owner of American Retail Supply headquartered in Kent, WA became president of the business in 1981 and later bought the business from its founder Dick Thompson. Although Lee credits much of their growth to increased product offerings and what he calls ‘the best client service in the industry, ” he attributes the companies Herculean increase to the discovery of the world renowned Marketing Guru, Dan Kennedy. Keith recently became trained as a Dan Kennedy Certified No B. S. Business Advisor where he delivers what he calls Kennedy’s ‘Magnetic Marketing Strategies. ’ As a Kennedy trained advisor Keith offers entrepreneurs what he calls ‘The Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever’ containing over $700.00 of business-building information from Dan Kennedy including Gold Inner Circle Membership. Visit or for more details.

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