Restaurant Equipment Tips: Are Energy Costs Eating Up your Restautant's Profits?

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We at Jean's Restaurant Supply want you to succeed with your business venture and rising energy costs are on the forefront of everyone's minds. Inefficient, or inefficient use of, food preparation equipment is the second-largest energy drain on your restaurant's profits. So here at Jean's Restaurant Supply, we have compiled some energy-saving tips for your commercial ovens. In doing so, we hope that with the implementation of some of these energy-saving tips, your energy bill leaves you with some profits still on your plate.

Energy-Saving Tips for Commercial Ovens

  • Eeny Meeny Miney Mo. Choosing the most efficient commercial oven requires only some investigation and vigilance on your part. Educate yourself on the “ins and outs" of oven design, such as insulation and quality. Pay close attention to timers and thermostats, which can help automate procedures and maximize your energy-saving efforts. Deciding which type of oven is best suited for the task at hand can also significantly impact your energy bill.
    • Conventional ovens use radiant heat. This can mean increased cook times and longer preheat times.
    • Convection ovens, which use fan-forced heat to circulate hot air around the food, help to reduce cooking times and lower your energy bill. Convection ovens cook at 25ºF lower temperature and in 10% less time than conventional ovens, according to one manufacturer. Also, convection ovens are 23% more efficient than conventional ones, the U. S. Department of Energy estimates.
    • Microwave Ovens are a quick, efficient alternative to a full-size oven and are unparalleled in their reheating ability. They require no preheating time and only heat the food being cooked. Microwave ovens save considerable energy in comparison to standard ovens, so use them whenever possible.

  • Be vigilant . Limit preheat times and turn down the oven when not in use. Turning off an idle broiler just one hour a day can save up to $400 annually. Keep in mind ovens consume substantial amounts of energy, even when no food is cooking, due to losses through the walls and leakage around the oven door opening. For that reason, it is important to remember to turn your oven off or to a lower temperature when it is not in use.
  • Fill that oven! Schedule food preparation so that your oven is cooking a full load whenever possible. Convection ovens can be loaded more fully than conventional ovens because the amplified circulation of heated air advances productivity. Also, plan roasting and baking to take full-advantage of receding heat.
  • Maintain, Maintain, Maintain. We at Jean's Restaurant Supply cannot emphasize enough how important it is to perform routine maintenance on your commercial restaurant equipment. Not only does this help to preserve its value and protect your investment, it also helps your equipment to keep performing at peak efficiency and this will increase your energy-savings. In oven maintenance, the seals on your oven are the most important weapons in your energy-saving arsenal. Make sure they are in good shape and fit snuggly against the oven door to properly keep the heat in the oven and your money in your pocket.
  • Cleanliness is next to Energy Savings. A major part of routine maintenance is cleaning. For your commercial oven, this includes the removal of burned food deposits at once, before they have a chance to carbonize. Help protect yourself from broken door hinges and cracks that allow heat to escape by carefully cleaning all crumbs and encrusted food from around openings.

Using these tips will help you save on your restaurant's energy bill, but always remember to take a step back and look at the big picture. Investigate your commercial cooking equipment options before making a final decision. Saving money up front on an inferior quality piece of equipment will probably end up costing your more in energy overhead, while investing in a piece of higher quality equipment will permit you to use your energy efficiently throughout the life of the equipment. Using energy efficiently can also produce other benefits to your restaurant, such as: improved, more consistent food quality; less waste resulting from reduced food spoilage; and, finally, you can enjoy more comfortable working conditions in the kitchen because wasted heat is reduced. Cleanliness and consistent attention to operational details can make or break your energy-saving efforts, but that is not all. It does no good to become knowledgeable about all these great cost-cutting ideas, if you don't pass the information along. Educate your staff on the proper operation and maintenance of your equipment to help ensure the extended life of your valuable investment.

If you found theese hints helpful, please check out our restaurant equipment energy-saving tips for your commercial stove/cook tops, fryers and broilers. We at Jean's Restaurant Supply are here to answer any of your energy-saving questions and hope that these tips will help you see some improvement on your energy-savings menu.

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