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The best combatant against fears of interviewing properly has one simple answer – educating yourself on the proper techniques to answer any cringing questions that may trip you up during an interview. The other fact your mother was right about? Being yourself! Just how much of yourself should you be? Well, once again, educate yourself on the job at stake. Job interview techniques tend to revolve around two things: You, and the job position you are applying for. Simply put, the definition of “technique” is a method of accomplishing a desired aim.

A job interview entails just that – how to answer questions effectively. Yes, this is going to be either the first time, or the only time you will be (figuratively speaking) kissing the interviewer’s (who more often than not is your future boss) behind. This is the one chance you may get to prove to that person - and the company you wish to work for - that you will bring in money for them. It does not matter if you are schmoozing people, or clicking a computer all day – just as long as you are productive and making money for THEM.

This is usually the only time the person conducting the interview can get a small taste of what you have to offer to the establishment. Sure, you may be interested in proving yourself, thereby making the big bucks by being chosen for the position. However, if you think like an employer, and can stay one-step ahead of the questions (and their expectations), you can significantly improve your chances. Say you were interested in getting some landscaping done, and a person comes over to perform an estimate. You take him to the side of your house, and point out the bushes you wish to have removed. When you ask him if he has any suggestions, the man shrugs nonchalantly and answers, “Hmmm . . . I don’t know. ” If there is any remark that will freeze the idea that you are the right person for the job - that would be it!

No person can say that a job interview runs perfectly, but the best defense against any obstacle is a good offense. Learning to utilize so many different techniques is a bit time-consuming. Nevertheless, if the position you are applying for is worth it, then surely the time to “study up” on the specific job concentrations is as well! Interviewers will always have a few questions that may fluster an applicant. Your best bet would be to review common questions that many interviewers are more certain to ask. Wanting a specific job is good reason to study up for the available position – just as you would an exam. Hence, the reason why so many people find themselves fidgeting and under pressure during interviews is because it FEELS like a pop quiz! If you are not prepared for a math test, then how well do you expect to do on it?

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