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Dear Fred and Lyna,

I have been sending my blogs out and participating in some business forums and people are always using these abbreviations. I also see these on instant messages that I get. For example, I get the following all the time: LOL BRB DQMOT IDK…just to name a few. . Can you help me understand this new internet language.

Fred: I’m LOL(laughing out Loud) is a common term that is used all the time in emails, IM(Instant messages) and on the forums. It is like learning a new language.

Lyna: I know when I first started see these terms I had to ask you what the heck they meant.

Fred: The scary thing is that I now what they mean. Does that mean I am spending too much time on the internet.

Lyna: You don’t want me to go there, Fred. But let’s get back to what all these acronyms mean

Fred: Let’s first take a look at the ones you mentioned about. BRB means Be Right Back. This is often used in IM when someone has to get away from the computer.

Lyna. DQMOT is a rather long acronym but it simple means Don’t Quote Me On This.

Fred: IDK means I Don’t Know.

Lyna: Like most acronyms all you need to do is use the first letter of the word to form the acronym. For example someone may just type a Q which means I have a Question.

Fred: That works for most but what about L8R, which means Later

Lyna: or Noob which mean Newbie.

Fred: The list goes on and on and fortunately there are acronym dictionaries on the internet that will help explain what all these mean.

Lyna: Since the advent of the internet a whole new language has developed.

Fred: Not only these acronyms but other terms as well.

Lyna: So, why is this important for someone who runs there own business.

Fred: The internet is the new media for promoting your goods and services and you have to be familiar with the language other words you’ll get lost.

Lyna: Our suggestion would be to start participating in the forums and also to write at least a monthly blog.

Fred: BTDT(Been There Done That)

Lyna: LOL( Laughing Out Loud)

Fred: It’s not that hard to learn and we would recommend that you keep a list of these acronyms next to your computer till you learn the difference.

Lyna. A great website is adp

Fred: TAFN( That’s All For Now)

Fred and Lyna

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