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Increase Sales Tip - Separate Qualified Business Prospects from Prospects and Suspects

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Dramatically increase sales begins by separating your qualified business prospects from your other prospects and suspects before they enter your sales funnel. To take this action, requires you to define each of these potential clients or customers.

After 30 years in sales and 10 years as a business coach, I have learned that unless terms are clearly defined the ability to secure the desired results has been greatly diminished. For me these 3 terms are defined as follows.

Prospects have all of the following criteria:

  1. Need
  2. Budget
  3. Decision maker

Suspects differs from prospect that they only possess one or two of the 3 criteria of having a need, a budget and is a decision maker.

A qualified prospect goes one step further by having the desire or inclination to say yes. By identifying this inclination to say yes will shorten the sales cycle and provide an even higher sales to close ratio. The following examples may help to illustrate this point.

To increase sales many in sales attend networking event after networking event collecting numerous business cards much like gathering strawberries or blackberries. Their goal is quantity not quality. Their actions have failed to separate the prospects from the suspects; have wasted a lot of time; and ultimately decreased their sales to close ratio.

Sophisticated sales people are more selective in the leads that they secure from those very same networking events. These individuals have already identified specific goals that they wish to achieve after investing a couple hours of their time. During their infomercials, these sales people are consistently using the 3 criteria of having a need, a budget and being a decision maker.

The very best sales people have networking goals and use their 30-second infomercial to build a relationship in which the goal is to determine the desire or the inclination to say yes. Some in sales training may refer to this as finding the initial pain. The inclination to buy also revolves around the emotions the prospect is currently experiencing.

When you apply the criterion of having the desire or inclination to buy, you will begin to increase your sales and shorten your sales cycle.

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