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There are many powerful subliminal messages in advertising. We are only going to deal with one of those messages which I think is probably the most powerful one. And that message or emotion is greed. No one likes to admit this particular emotion but it courses through each and every one of us.

One of the best ways to get through the barriers that people put up in order to protect their finances is through the emotion of greed. People love to know that they are getting more than they are actually paying for. They love a freebie, or another word for it is bonus.

If you give them free bonuses that are worth $100, but the product that they are purchasing only costs $7, then you are well on your way to capturing their $7. Mind you, the free bonuses have to be something of value. They also should be closely linked to the product that is being purchased.

It doesn't make sense giving $100 worth of Internet Marketing material to someone who you are trying to sell knitting needles to. Obviously, your bonuses should be in the area of maybe wool or even an ebook teaching different knitting patterns. Gifts like these show the power of subliminal messages in advertising.

When you give gifts like these, it is like putting bait on a hook that lures their finances by way of greed. In order to get them to spend they must perceive that the free bonuses you are giving them contain great value.

Bundle those free bonuses. Lock them into your main product. Overwhelm, overdeliver, and overload. Then watch as these silent salesman go to work for you. You will not be disappointed.

I usually let the free bonuses do all the work for me as opposed to giving discounts. Anytime you give a discount you eat into your profit margin. So stay away from discounting your prices.

Sometimes I like to give a bonus before we get going. For instance, before I even get into the act of trying to sell something, I give a gift. I generally call this a gift of encouragement. It is designed to encourage my visitor to continue through to the sale.

When I do something like that I always let them know upfront that there are more gifts at the end of this selling cycle. They usually carry on through to the end. Using subliminal messages in advertising can yield very positive results. The buyer gets more than what they bargained for and the seller is able to make a sale.

Many subliminal messages in advertising turn out to be very useful. You will not be disappointed here. Yes, you will be showered with free bonuses at this link:


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