Executable Strategic Plan Provides for Quick Course Corrections

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Strategic plans have many elements and provide numerous opportunities to remain ahead of current and future obstacles and not to mention the competition. Executable strategic plans have the ability to quickly make course corrections given that the plan is truly embraced by the entire organization.

Three months after 9/11, I spoke to over 100 business owners at a local chamber. I asked with a show of hands how many had suffered negative economic impact from that tragic event? A quick glance of the room revealed that 9/11 had negatively affected 99% of those within the room. Then I asked a second question that revealed far more. How many of you have revisited your strategic plans to make the necessary course corrections to overcome this unforeseen obstacle? Only five hands were raised and two of them were my clients.

As an executive business coach, I was not surprised by the responses. Many small business do not have a plan and if so, they like their bigger corporate cousins leave it on the shelf or in a drawer. The 9/11 tragedy to the current rising and unstable fuel prices are both examples of unexpected obstacles.

When strategic plans are reviewed on a weekly basis by the executive leadership team and are totally embraced from the top down, making course corrections is not as difficult because everyone understands the need for changing the course even by just a few degrees to a full left or right turn.

Ignoring unexpected obstacles is just plain foolish, negative attitudes.

So, take the time to revisit your plan in the next 48 hours and make those course corrections where necessary.

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