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Turn Your Interview into a Nursing Career


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After going to school to become a nurse, you will want to find a job. The interview process is a vital component in starting a career. A successful presentation will greatly improve your chances of being hired.

It is important to become proficient in the interview process. Most times, your resume will get you the interview, and the interview will get you the job. The following article will address components of the interview process and provide tips and suggestions to facilitate your success.

Before the interview

The better prepared you are before your nursing interview; the more likely the occasion will become a triumph. Be sure to bring a list of your references, extra copies of your resume, and a list of questions you will ask the employer.

Familiarize yourself with the employer before the interview process. Learn about their mission statements, ideologies, their past, their present direction, and their future goals. The more you know about the company, the more you can use that knowledge as a means of answering their questions. It is good practice to have at least two questions in mind to ask the employer. Ask if they offer financial aid in furthering your education in nursing, or about opportunities for advancement. These two questions show that you are looking for a career rather than a job, and you are serious about making a commitment in becoming a nurse.

Employers will pose multiple questions during the interview. The employers are not necessarily looking for a “right answer. ” They are looking for poise, confidence, and your ability to think quickly. Some questions will be more specific in relation to the employer and nursing, but many questions will be universal. The employer’s questions may include:

Why did you leave your last position? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should we hire you?

The strength and weakness question is almost always a given; remember to phrase your weakness in such a way that it could be seen as a positive. For instance, you spend too much time on work and extra projects to the point where you do not have enough time for your family. An employer will see your weakness as something desirable (an employee that is a diligent worker). Dress in professional attire for the interview. The interview process is not all about what you say; it is likewise, about how you look.

During the interview

Arrive early to the interview with all of your pertinent materials. Be sure to relax. If you have done all of your preliminary duties, then there is nothing left to do but be confident. Maintaining composure shows that you are sure of yourself and skills.

Interviewers will not purposely attempt to be tricky; they are looking to find the best candidate to fill the position via their questions. Interviewers do not want to hear candidates avoiding the question or answering vaguely. Answer their questions directly and use specific examples from your history.

Be positive throughout the entire interview. Discuss your time and learning in nursing school . Refer to yourself, former jobs and employers, and your experience and goals in a contributory manner.

Finish the process with asking a few questions of your own.

After the interview

Make a few notes about the interview immediately afterwards. This way, when composing the thank you letter, you can make specific references. Write the thank you that day, or the day following the interview. In the present age of technology, emails are acceptable, but writing a letter may make a better impression. End the letter with a “call to action. ” You want the employer to make the next step in contacting you about becoming a nurse

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Questions to Ask During an Interview Its Your Turn
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