Greet Your Future With A Smile!

Mike Marino, Jr.

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Knowing is totally different from believing. What ever you believe and conceive in your mind, you create. Everyone knows they will die some day. Not many people really believe they are going to die.

In my opinion if they really believed they were going to die one day, they would start living today. In the movie, “Out to sea. ” Walter Matthau tells Jack Lemon; “It is never too late, that is why they invented death. ” When your dead, it is too late.

In the word believe is the word lie. It is possible to believe a lie and create a lie. I see people do it every day. Mark Twain said one hundred years ago; “It is not what you do not know that will hurt you the most, it is what you think you know, however it just aint so!”

On the other hand you can believe a lie that serves your life. Mohamed Ali did this at one time. He said so many times: “I am the greatest, I am the prettiest, I float like a butterfly, I sting, like a bee, I am so happy to be me. ” When he started saying this, he was not the greatest prize fighter. He became what he got himself to believe and conceive.

Start believing your going to die one day and start living your life today. You have a lot of living to do. You are as free as you allow yourself to be. Go dancing! Keep dancing in language with as many people as possible in your market place!

This is your life! Expect something good to happen. Your brain belong to your body. Your mind belongs to your spirit. It is mind over matter. Learn to use your mind.

Lift up your mind (spirit) Frank Sinatra said: “Music puts wings on the human spirit, with a song in your heart; It is the only way to fly!” Always keep in mind, most of the quotes in this article are from dead white man that lived their lives. Sinatra sang, “I did it my way!”

Mike Marino, Jr. aka “In Person, ” is the co-author of two books and a Distinguished Toastmaster who helps people fall in love with learning. He speaks and writes on the love of Knowledge is the root of all good!. To book Mike for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Mike Marino, Jr. In person 504 833 4405 or email Proud member of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. All presentations are available in PowerPoint or Keynote.


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