Two Things You Need To Be a Great Salesperson


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Everyone can be a great salesperson. You might not believe so, but it's true. And many might think, "I don't want to be a great salesperson, " because of the negative connotations that come with being in sales. After all, jokes about used car salespeople and snake oil salesmen aren't there for nothing.

But being a great salesperson will help you succeed in business and life. So it's worth thinking about and acting upon. Plus, it's quite easy. . .

The first key is honesty. That's a bit simplistic, because when you're pitching someone they won't even know if you're being honest or not. Starting a sentence, "Ben, let me tell you honestly. . . " doesn't immediately mean you're being honest. What will really impress someone when doing a sales pitch is if you tell them the limitations of what you're selling - up-front.

That doesn't mean you tell a prospect every single problem that might come up with what you're selling. But being up-front about a product's limitations will only help build a positive and open relationship with the prospect.

Limitations are not always obvious, even after a prospect does due diligence. For example, let's say I'm going to purchase a fairly complex piece of software. No matter what I do I can't possibly figure everything out on my own. I'll ask some questions that are important to me, and if you see those questions leading down a path towards a limitation of your product, tell me.

One of the major problems with withholding this kind of information is that it results in unhappy clients. They buy your product and eventually discover the limitations. Instead of being prepared for those limitations and accepting them beforehand, they're now frustrated and untrusting of the relationship they've built with you. Unhappy clients are never a good thing; they won't stay clients long, and worse than that, they'll tell everyone they know about the lousy experience they had with you.

Step up and tell people the limitations of what you're selling. Do that and you're one step closer to being a great salesperson.

The second key is passion. Why? Because passion is easy to sell. It’s easy because you’re a believer, and if you’re passionate enough you can make others believers too. Chances are you're passionate about a number of things; things you talk to friends, family and contacts about on a regular basis. You're a salesperson for everything you're passionate about. You might not think about it as sales, but that's exactly what it is. Some might call it evangelism. Sure, I love that term. Be an evangelist. Show your passion and I guarantee it will make you a better salesperson.

True, there's more to being a salesperson that honesty and passion. Having some experience and training can't hurt, and knowing ow to close, when to be quiet and listen, and how to negotiate deals are all important skills for being a successful person.

Still, honesty and passion are rather rare qualities amongst many salespeople; and they will make you stand out.

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Ben Yoskovitz is a veteran entrepreneur specializing in turning your ideas into a thriving business. He helps people shape their passions into profitable, successful companies. He's been in business for over 10 years and works extensively in the technology industry, including web design, software development, blogging and podcasting.


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