Professional Development for Salespeople, the Difference between Success and Possible Failure

Jim Masson

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Since salespeople are coached and trained, not born, the difference between being a powerful sales ‘master’ and being the brunt of jokes like many poor quality ‘average’ salesperson are, is simply ongoing "Professional Development". Masters understand this very clearly.

That begs a serious question, doesn't it? Why is it that the average salesperson gets some initial training and never chooses to obtain any more? I'm convinced there are two powerful reasons and the first is by far the most prevalent.

I will state this as gently as I know how to. The "average" salesperson believes that his or her brain is full, selling is easy and there is nothing else to learn. The "master" salesperson knows that the opposite is true and therefore is constantly searching out new tips, strategies and techniques to edge out the competition and earn the extraordinary income.

The master's brain will never be full. The master salesperson recognizes that just one new tool obtained through a sales course, seminar or book will repay the investment in time, effort and money, tens, even hundreds of times over.

The second reason the "average" salesperson doesn't pursue professional development is that it is not mandated in most jurisdictions. Virtually all professions worthy of being called professions require that their members obtain ongoing professional development to keep up to date. Can you imagine going to a doctor, lawyer or accountant that graduated and then never took any followup training for 20 years. I can't and I wouldn't.

Masters never leave the success of their career in the hands of regulators. They always take personal responsibility for their own income potential and their levels of success. They understand that the constant pursuit of the extra edge will keep them on top of the field.

If you are selling now or looking at selling as a career, you will always get to choose whether you will be "average" producer just doing enough to get by or a "master" professional with the extra tools in the toolbox.

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