Three Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Sales Success


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Sometimes we miss out on the sale because we are our own worst enemy; we do not realize that all we need to do to succeed is get out of our own way! Here are three things you can focus on to improve your sales results:

1)Tune into your clients’ needs and remember that first, and foremost, your buyer is after a solution.

Customers do not want to buy something that does not work, or something they do not like. So, first and foremost, the buyer wants a solution then she'll decide if it's value for money.

If you are the salesperson and the deal is uppermost in your mind remember to put that thought to the back of your mind and solve your customer's problem first. Price is more important in the mind of the seller than the buyer.

2) Be proud of what you do and accept the fact some people think you are brilliant.

I know of several people who unintentionally diminish their value in a misguided attempt (and interpretation) of modesty.

If you have just done someone a favor, and they are expressing their gratitude, here are some examples of things you can say to undermine yourself:

  • "It was nothing really"
  • "Any fool can do it"
  • "It only took a few minutes" [when it took much longer]

As soon as the magician has shown you how he did the trick, the magic disappears and you are no longer impressed because now you know anyone could do it.

If someone is grateful for what you did, accept their praise (and money) without discrediting what you did. If they thought that what you did was magic let it remain that way. Just say: Thank you.

3) Do not take every thing personally; never fear rejection.

Rejection is a fact of life. Sometimes you get to be the rejecter, other times you are the rejectee; but in either case, life goes on.

What did you do last time you bought a car? Did you buy the first one you looked at, or did you look around a bit, read the papers, surf the internet and get your ‘eye’ in on price? Would you get more than one quote if you were printing a large run of brochures to drop in letter boxes in your area?

Some companies have a policy of asking for three quotes; that means two quotes are going to be unsuccessful - boo hoo - but remember, it is not personal.

Jane Francis is the author of ‘Price Yourself Right: A guide to charging what you are worth’ [ISBN 0-595-38601-6] which is available at Barnes & Noble (US), WH Smith (UK) and at You can read more at her blog:


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Why Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?
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